Far Cry 5 announced with logo that may confirm biggest rumors

Far Cry 5 will be arriving some time during this current fiscal year, according to a newly released Ubisoft earnings report.

Soon after the report was published, a logo for the next game in the long-running first-person open-world series was posted to the Ubisoft forums.

Featuring a red, white and blue color scheme, the logo may confirm rumors that the game is set in Montana, which cropped up after a local news spotted a commercial being filmed in the northern American state for a game featuring cowboys.

Originally, the commercial was mistaken for Red Dead Redemption 2, another popular game featuring cowboys, but now it seems more likely that the commercial is for the next Far Cry.

That doesn’t mean that it will be set in the late-19th century like Rockstar’s upcoming spaghetti western game. The settings for Far Cry games—barring the most recent Far Cry Primal, which was set in the distant past, and Far Cry 3 spin-off Blood Dragon, which took place in the future—have been modern open world areas in isolated settings like mountain villages and tropical islands. Given that Far Cry 5 follows the same number scheme of main entries in the series, it’s likely that the game will be set during a modern time period featuring modern weaponry—though reports have been conflicting, with some claiming a historical setting. Recent speculation on gaming forum NeoGAF provides some potential evidence that the game will focus around militias that have formed in a Great Plains state, such as Montana.

Besides its obvious motivation to impress investors and fend off Vivendi (again), Ubisoft may be announcing upcoming games now to increase anticipation for its showcase at E3 2017, which will take place in June.

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omg now this is something i can get pumped over. Farcry 4 was one of my all time faves


honestly dont care where its set this franchise is one of my favs


I liked all the Far cry games, no reason why i think this wouldn't be any good, cant wait :-)


Please be as good as Far Cry 3 :(


I haven't really played much of the Far Cry series besides FC4, which was an okay game in my opinion. I might have to check into it when release it.


im not caring about this tbh but i might just might get this


Hopefully its as fun as primal was but also a lot longer. Just purchased Far Cry 3 too as ive never played this one.


Hopefully the game allows for more to do once you complete the story, Far Cry 4 got boring quick, only thing you could do was reset the outposts and even then it was boring to me after resetting once, hopefully the story is good as well.


I've never been a fan of the series personally.


Can't wait for Far Cry 5, should be fun.