GTA Online: Tiny Racers Announced; Coming April 25th

Today, Rockstar announced a new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action called Tiny Racers, a retro Micro Machines-looking stunt racing mode coming to GTA Online next week, April 25th, for free.

As you can see, the new mode takes the game back to its top-down origins, and honestly looks like it could be a little downloadable game all on its own.

Further details on the mode were not divulged. But we did get a new announcement trailer, which you can check out below:

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I did try this out for few hours and wasn't that great to be honest, just another flop of a DLC in my opinion GTA is just dead asf now


Just like when FIFA brought out tiny players. Sounds fun.


looks dumb not even worth an update tbh


Looks like Mario Kart and looks like a lot of fun. Will definitely getting back on GTA to try this out.


It looks interesting and would probably be fun with friends, can't wait to give it a try myself.


People only play these things for the first 2 days that they are released, then those who still seriously play GTA V just go back to Heists. The game got boring too fast, its a shame.


Seriously another racing dlc


GTA V is now boring. I tried to play it and it's nothing to do besides repeating the same missions. We really can't complain too much since RS is working on RDR2 AND GTA V. They should release a dlc for another location butttt... I highly doubt it. It's been 4 years.


Rockstar need to stop adding races and adversary modes such as this, they just sit there nobody plays them only for the first 2 weeks of it being out with the 2 $ & RP when they could add things to online free mode and make it that little bit better.


I honestly think this looks appalling, R* are trying to hard, and adding DLCs that no one really wants, getting a little boring now.