343 Industries responds to latest Halo 3: Anniversary rumors

Halo 3 won’t be getting any special anniversary treatment, according to the latest word from 343 Industries.

The fan-favorite game originally released on September 25th, 2007, and fans have speculated that 343 Industries might have something in the works—perhaps an anniversary remaster or even a PC release. The appearance of Halo 3 artwork in a recent AMD promotional video added fuel to the fire, since the game has never appeared on PC and a rerelease of some kind would be the perfect opportunity to make the leap.

Now, however, community manager Brian Jarrard has shut down all speculation.

“I’ve been here just about 5 months now and haven’t ever heard of one single mention of Halo 3 coming to Steam nor Halo 3 anniversary being made,” Jarrard wrote on the Halo subreddit. “In fact, it’s been completely debunked multiple times over. Sorry to say but there’s no plans nor any work underway to make this happen (though personally I can’t deny it would be sweet).”

While both the original Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 both received remasters on their 10th anniversary, Halo 3‘s only follow-up appearance has been as part of The Master Chief Collection. Jarrard’s words don’t rule out the game getting a remake or remaster sometime in the future, but it does seem that such a project won’t be happening this year.

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Title said it all really so wasn't too disappointed


Damn. Oh well some rumors are not always true. Maybe next time.


Definitely sucks the rumor wasent true.


Never really believed the rumor, so seeing the negativity in the comments is kinda funny.


343 never does anything right for the fans. They ruined Halo 5 for me. Halo 4 was complete shit. They ruined the franchise. If they did a H3 anniversary they would win back so much of the fan bases trust / love. Bunch of monkeys running 343.


Its just what they want us to believe. Don't believe their lies.


343 **** up. They ruined the franchise and are continuing to do it. **** bastards.


Horizex Well that was 343i's last chance at making any money off me and they blew it... ever since they took over the halo franchise halo has gone to sh*t

Agreed, MCC was the last Halo game I'll probably ever buy


Not putting Halo on the PC is a lost opportunity for Microsoft. Gears of War, in my opinion, had no place on the PC, but it was added. If anything, they need to bring The Mastercheif Collection.


Well that was 343i's last chance at making any money off me and they blew it... ever since they took over the halo franchise halo has gone to sh*t