Halo 3: Anniversary to be released this fall

During an AMD event in South Korea dedicated to the R5 processor family, the company also took the opportunity to show off the upcoming GPU, named RX Vega, with a video. Several titles were shown, but there was one that made people sit up and take notice.

That title is Halo 3: Anniversary, which has not been officially announced, but has been rumoured on several occasions previously. Halo 3 celebrates ten years this autumn, and it does seem like Halo 3 might finally be coming to PC, and has been optimised for high-end hardware.

It doesn't seem likely that Microsoft would release a console title like Halo on PC for the game's anniversary, and then leave the Xbox consoles out. A more than reasonable guess would be that a heavily reworked version of Halo 3 will be one of the main draws for Xbox Scorpio later this year.

AMD making up their own Halo demo and sneaking it into a presentation of upcoming games doesn't sound very plausible, but since nothing is confirmed, bring out a salt shaker and sprinkle accordingly.


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Yep ill be all over this for sure


Is this for real halo 3 on pc is happening? if thats true ill be happy to play halo 3 on the most modded system ever pc master race(yes pc has the most cheaters mainly russians) but dont get me wrong halo 3 on pc will be the best if this turns to be real which i hope it is


This would be sick, honestly it was the last good halo.


Halo 3 as probably my favorite Halo of all time, cant wait to see more info on this honestly.
Maybe they'll upgrade forge mode.


Just when I felt like life would kick in to high gear this summer... Was the cross hairs always lower (not centered on screen) in the original H3? I hated MCC cause it stood out so much.


I've been playing Halo 3 on MCC a lot lately. This is good news.


I always hear rumors for a H3 anniversary but never believed it. If they were to make this 10 year anniversary that would just be fcking awesome. Halo 3 was the last good Halo, Reach was okay but nothing compared to H3.


XxKleShayxX I was going to say just play Halo MCC but we all know how that is...

I do love Halo 3 but MCC is perfectly fine.


Super cool, what an awesome announcement to make!


XxKleShayxX I was going to say just play Halo MCC but we all know how that is...

MCC is perfectly fine now. Also Halo 3 being remastered would be great. It was the last good halo

I agree that Halo Mcc has gotten alot better over time I think a remaster would seal the deal on melting everybodys heart. Hopfully its as good as the OG