Microsoft bans game emulators from the Windows Store

Microsoft has updated its Windows Store policies to prevent the publishing of game system emulators, which have up to this point existed in a legal grey area.

The change to the store policies was picked up by NeoGAF, and it’s already affected emulator NESBox. This particular emulator was removed from the Xbox Store last year, and is now entirely unavailable on any of the Microsoft-operated store.

It’s unclear why Microsoft chose to do this now, though the upcoming release of the Creators Update could have something to do with the timing. The Creators Update aims to further unify the Windows and Xbox Stores, simplifying the process of publishing apps.

Of course, you can still download Win32 emulators from the web, or rely on in-browser emulators, such as what NESBox offers. This change merely affects UWP apps available on the official store.

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well it was going to happen eventually.


well it was going to happen eventually.


Money, money, money... Go download it from a third party site, can't stop it completely.


Honestly they just play by the rule book to hard, MS is strict on everything, if you can't swear online no way you're getting away w/ copyright infringement.


JayIsBae Not a surprise they are banning them
why do you think that? All there doing is loosing customers?


Skates I mostly just play GBA emulators on my phone, like the classic Pokemon games.

Take it you have a windows phone then? In my opinion there phones arent really that good. Especially after reading this news article.


KyloCrux Gah, this really blows. I have seen quite a few on there. Some really good ones lately.

I know I dont see why they have banned them. Will lose many customers as a result of this.


Shame there banning them. Didnt get a chance to play them :(


Shame they banned the games. Would of been fun to play


Not a surprise they are banning them