Everything you need to know about XBOX Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s will reveal at E3 2017 its new console, the XBOX Project Scorpio. This is unlike previous console generation changes, which usually take up to a decade. Like Sony’s PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio will be a complimentary upgrade to the XBOX ONE.

So far Microsoft has revealed little about the new console. It is claimed that it will have a 6 teraflops GPU which is a staggeringly high amount for a console. Compared to 4.2 of the PS4 Pro, 1.9 for PS4 and 1.3 for Xbox One, the Project Scorpio will have an obvious advantage in the console market and could even tip the odds in favor of Microsoft.

It will also have an Octa-core processor, though so does the current gen rest of the market. This is, in part, due to the upgrade in hardware: Project Scorpio uses the new AMD Polaris 14 nm architecture.

It took a while to move from the 28 nm tech previous use but this is definitely a step in the right direction. The new chip is more power efficient than previous technologies and therefore delivers greater performance.

The Project Scorpio will also support 4K as it is the new go to resolution in high-end gaming. However, one question is still unanswered: whether it will have Virtual Reality (VR) support for no VR headset has so far been showed or mentioned.

Sony already has Play Station VR, so Microsoft will definitely try to produce its own line of VR ready console. It is assumed that it will be able to accept optic disks, such as triple or quad layered discs.

Project Scorpio is said to come out in Holiday 2017, so there is still a lot of time left. If it releases in November, it will be released 4 years after the XBOX ONE.

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Waiting to see the specs before i form my opinion on this thing


In the video the guy says that Fallout 4 is moving to VR and he is happy to see that the console will be able to handle that at 4K. Isn't that pretty much an obvious answer that VR is on its way?


Just watched the video. WOW.



Barclay Do we really need one of these articles every other day

Just wait until its released at E3 >:D


Yeah better do a comeback and at e3 as well


It better have Vr because if it's only spec upgrades then this console is really for Devs


Can't wait to purchase one.


I mean it's the same things we alreadyu know, but good to stay on top of it.


Do we really need one of these articles every other day


Holo lens out of the box would be nice but it'll never happen