Red Dead Redemption 2 Resume Post Hints at Story

It’s been five months since Rockstar confirmed and showed off the first trailer for the highly anticipated western, Red Dead Redemption 2. Outside of rumors and potential leaks, news on the title has been virtually non-existent, leaving fans to do some digging on their own. Speculation for the game seems to point to a prequel of sorts, showing John Marston during his time with his former associates like Dutch and Bill Williamson. Thanks to the efforts of folks on the GTA Network, it appears that story speculation may be correct if the new details surrounding potential voice actors is concerned.

First off, the resume for actor Matt Bradford featured a little tidbit stating that he was doing motion capture for a character named Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2. Fans might remember that Dutch was the former leader of John Marston’s old gang. As expected, the listing was quickly removed, leaving only his previous work on NBA 2006 visible. Interestingly enough, a similar situation fell on actor Roger Grunwald, where he listed mocap work playing a German psychiatrist known as Menchen for a then-untitled-project for Take Two Interactive/Rockstar Games. Again, the listing was quickly removed from his resume.

Fans dove deeper into the rabbit hole and found past voice over work from Roger Clark, someone who resembles a character from the first key art images provided by Rockstar, and felt his voice sounded somewhat familiar to the voice in the debut trailer. More speculation erupted when a fan found the now eight year old YouTube page for Clark, revealing that he had just recently liked a fan made Red Dead Redemption 2 video dealing with news and rumors.

More fuel was added to the fire when it was discovered that Noshir Dalal’s LinkedIn page contains many NDA projects though he is networked with most of the major original Red Dead Redemption crew including the voice actor for John Marston, Rob Wiethoff. Both Dalal and Cali Moore, another voice actor rumored to be part of the project, are connected to returning and new RDR actors Roger Clark, Benjamin Byron Davis, Steve J Palmer, and Gabriel Sloyer Ceron.

While some of the rumors above are speculative at best, it at least gives fans something to chew on while they continue to wait for new information from Rockstar. Adding up each of the voice artists above and it would appear that a significant portion of the seven figures in the key art have been potentially identified, lending credence to the John Marston prequel story. Either way, Take Two isn’t saying anything, only confirming that the story will have great emotional depth on top of major story moments.

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I am genuinely excited for this game. Hurry up and release it already haha


Feel this game is going to get big.


Can not **** wait man!


Really looking forward to this!


If GTA5 was successful then RD2 is gonna be


Seriously cannot wait for this, Its going to be insane!

The HYPE is real.


Yes! Can't wait for this aha


cant wait for rdr2 its going to be so lit.


Genuinely can't wait for this, first one was top class. Hope it is a prequel too


Red dead games are always the best. Loved the Country feeling.