First PlayStation Plus game for April revealed

Drawn to Death makes its debut in less than a month, and right from launch, PlayStation Plus members will be able to get it for free.

“Behind the scenes we had been talking to the folks over at PS Plus,” game designer David Jaffe wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “I wanted to find a way to invite all of your PS Plus members into this experience and give you a look at what really excites me about games these days.

“We’ve been working on Drawn to Death for nearly three years, and over time, it really has become this robust, highly competitive game—and we haven’t even talked about a lot of the new features yet. Needless to say, I thought you could all help us build an unbelievable community for the game.”

The third-person arena shooter boasts a unique art style, meant to replicate the scribbles inside of a notebook. Jaffe’s post revealed that it will also feature riddle and battle-based Sphinx Missions, character-tailored missions to earn costumes and taunts for specific characters, and Mystery Boxes full of skins and taunts that can be earned by completing kills on the battlefield.

For more information, check out the rest of Jaffe’s blog post.

Drawn to Death is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It launches—both regularly and for free through PS Plus—on April 4th.

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These games don't sound fun at all


They've been working on it for 3 years? Whoa, first time hearing about it to be honest.


cant wait to scoop this i need more games cause re7 isnt cutting it anymore lol


Most likely not gonna be downloading this game.


Never heard of this game before but we definitely have to give it a go.


count me in for a free game


Free game? Count me in aha.


ZTG Pretty nice that they're giving away a new game for free straight off the launch.

And this isn't even the first time they've done it. They gave away Olli Olli 2 whenever it came out


Pretty nice that they're giving away a new game for free straight off the launch.


Very cool! Looking to see some cool reviews from this one.