Dead Rising 4 Now Available on Steam

Capcom’s Dead Rising 4 can now be purchased on Steam. Retailing for $60, the game comes with all the previously released updates such the Hard and Blackest Friday difficulty options, My Bloody Valentine and the Street Fighter costume pack.

The Season Pass is also available to purchase. For $20, you will gain access to the currently available Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack and upcoming DLC like Frank Rising and Super Ultra Dead Rising 4: Mini Golf. Yes, Mini Golf. Get on that ASAP.

Dead Rising 4 released in December 16th for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. It faced mixed critical reception and average sales to the point where Capcom acknowledged the response. Regardless, if you’re picking up the Steam version, keep in mind that it doesn’t support Xbox Play Anywhere so you won’t get a free digital copy on Xbox One.

What are your thoughts on Dead Rising 4’s availability on Steam? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hopefully it will go on sale soon. Id love to get this game


Catwoman damn man 60 is to much to spend on a pc game rip =(

If you have a good computer with good graphics its gonna be worth the $60


Love dead rising and there franchise so much. dont have it avaible to play on pc as i dont have one which could load it :(


damn man 60 is to much to spend on a pc game rip =(


Have it on xbox :) its a good grind


If I had a PC, I'd definitely pick this game up


For Xbox around $100 and something,and for steam $60 shit


I'm going to have to pick this game up.


I have this for Xbox one and it's really fun for the most part


I definitely think Windows 10 Store is ruining the market a bit. At least Capcom realized this and made this available on Steam.