Halo Wars 2 beta out now on PC, Xbox One – watch the tutorial video

Microsoft released the Halo Wars 2 Blitz beta client overnight on the Xbox Store for PC as well as Xbox One. The download comes in at 10.1GB for Xbox One, and 11.96 for PC.

To help everyone get acquainted with the new Blitz mode – the only mode available in the beta, 343 Industries released a tutorial video that goes over the main mechanics of what you’ll be playing.

Alongside the video, the studio penned an in-depth blog post about the many facets of the mode, including the concept of energy and how you can best utilise it to have a constant flow of units. The blog update also touches on how you can identify what each card can and cannot do, their rarities, and more at a glance.

Beyond that, the post also provides a good way of explaining the deck system, for those who never played games like Hearthstone and other CCGs. It’s all very simple, even if it looks daunting at first.

The beta only offers matchmaking against other players, so you won’t get a chance to practice your tactics against an AI – save for the tutorial. For this reason, it’s recommended you watch the video to get a grasp of the general flow of Blitz.

The beta is available until January 30 on both platforms.

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Source: http://www.vg247.com/2017/01/20/halo-wars-2-beta-out-now-on-pc-xbox-one-watch-the-tutorial-video/


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This game is what all of the Halo Wars fans have wanted and I am glad to finally see it out, its been many years since the first one


Not a fan of this game mainly because of the view.


Never have been big on halo wars but may have to try out the beta.


I enjoyed the first one i might buy it on PC


I will have to go give it a try on the Xbox one.


I remember playing the first Halo Wars on the 360, and I always had fun with it, and after trying the beta for this, I have to say it's a pretty big step up, and I can't wait until the full release :)


Swift Played it on my PC. Really fun.

How? It plays like a dumbed down RTS. It's boring.


Played it on my PC. Really fun.


i might get this not that big of a halo fan though


I'm not a fan of Halo. I may have to check it out. It looks really nice.