Melee Weapons & Reticles Coming to Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’s massive holiday update, which sees the introduction of the shooter’s remaining six maps, will also include new melee weapons, customisable reticles and “weapon kits”.

The news comes via a number of prominent streamers and YouTube users, who have been granted early access to the game’s December patch by publisher Activision.

While these users have not intentionally being showing off the game’s long-rumoured melee weapons, eye-eagled viewers noticed items such as shovels and swords appearing in their kill feeds.

Furthermore, users also spotted that new options, including reticle and ‘kit’ – thought to be a weapon cosmetic change – have been added to the FPS’s Create-A-Class menu.

According to YouTuber user TmarTn, the update will also include a number of festive camos.

Modern Warfare Remastered’s holiday update is slated to release on Tuesday (December 13).

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Anyone know when the maps drop?


I'm not quite 100% sure what this "weapon kit" is, but if it's anything like supply drops, I'm going to be really upset. The point of a "remastered version" was to keep the game the way it was, just with rebooted servers and graphics bumps. Additional content is not really needed, and it's a waste. Especially if we are going to have to PAY for these new camos and reticles.


Hmm. Interesting. But I thought the whole idea of a "Remaster" was the original game revamped. Not the revamped game plus all of this other stuff like weapon kits and new melee weapons.


excited for the rest of the maps but everything else sounds dumb


Seriously?!? If they add this its going to ruin the classic feel of modern warfare. They sure do know how to give exactly the opposite to what fans want.


Will they ever learn? it seems not


If COD points to show up, I'm sure a lot of people will stop playing.


Daniel Why do they have to bring things into the game and potentially wreck the game, They should just keep the game how it is. Not liking this at all or the new game modes being added.

I'm thinking the same, i thought the whole point in it being remastered meant it was going to be just like the original

Same. Call of Duty IW isn't making money. So they have to try and profit off of MWR somehow. They will ruin this game, and it is supposed to just be a remake lol. Shaking my head at Activision. Greedy game company.


They are must be reading the book "How to ruin a game 101"


Saw a photo on Charlieintel showing a really bad picture of maybe some cod points coming into the game. Well there goes this game...

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