PS4 Neo Dev Kit Containing 800GB of Data Bought at Auction

United Front Games, the devs of the classic Sleeping Dogs game officially shut down last month. The developers had most of their equipment up for sale at an auction from which a user managed to buy the PS4 Dev Kit, with over 800 Gigabytes of data on it.

Sleeping Dogs was a massive success when launched back in 2012. Many people called it the GTA V from Asia. Many gamers and critics from all over the world highly recommended it. The fighting style, the graphics, and the story was beautifully executed. But sadly, we won’t be getting a sequel to Sleeping Dogs.

According to the new owner of the PS4 Dev Kit, United Front Games were probably working on some type of project. After the new owner posted this on Reddit, many users pointed out that the PS4 Dev Kit is in fact encrypted which would make it pretty hard to extract the data from it. Assembler Games has stepped in and is willing to help extract the valuable data from the Dev Kit PlayStation 4. The data hasn’t been extracted yet.

Unit Name: PS4 DUH-D7000AA Development kit


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I honestly doubt anything special will be found, would be dumb for them to sell if it did


I was reading this earlier, i have seen a few ps4 devkits they generally look the same, but this is different, new design but nonetheless lets hope they break the encryption!


I'm surprised game companies sell off important stuff like this even if it is encrypted. Would be pretty cool to play around with a ps4 dev kit.


It's sad to see them go I really enjoyed Sleeping Dogs but hopefully they can get the data off of the console so we can see what is going on inside!


Hope to see this thing cracked soon.


That looks sick, wonder how much it went for in th end


damn that would be cool to own


This looks pretty cool hopefully they can crack it open.


Well this looks amazing sleep dogs was the sh** tbh


Sleeping Dogs was a great game, i wonder wonder what the project was.

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