PS Plus Games Lineup Announced For November

This month’s Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup was a bit weak– so this was Sony’s chance to come in strong and actually have a better lineup with PS Plus for once. The possibility was high, especially given that last month’s showing was pretty damn good. Unfortunately, Sony have come out with a showing that’s just… alright.

Don’t get me wrong, the PS Plus lineup for this month is pretty good, at least for PS4 owners (Vita owners have been largely left for dead at this point). It’s just that there’s nothing mind blowing here, nothing on par with the offering of Transformers last month, as an example.

PS4 owners will get Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and The Deadly Tower of Monsters, both horror themed offerings, presumably to celebrate Halloween. PS3 owners get DiRT 3 and Costume Quest 2, while Vita owners get… Letter Quest Remastered (also available on PS4) and Pumped BMX+ (also on PS3). I’m actually not even sure what those last two games are.

Still, Vita aside, it’s a good month. But hey, as far as the monthly Xbox Live versus PSN contest for free games offerings goes? I think it’s a wash this time around.

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Damn it when I saw DIRT as the thumbnail I was so happy and then saw it was only for PS3.


Dirt 3 would be fun on a PS4. But I don't own a PS3 anymore so that's out of the question. This line up is ... fair.


Dirt 3 is an awesome game. played it for awhile but stopped for some reason. may have to get some of these games.


These aren't bad games, but there could be better.


im goinna give them a try I won't judge a book by its cover!


I used to enjoy the game DIRT but not anymore. COD has taken over sadly. It's a good game to play tho


Dirt 3 dam son i remember that game.


Sadly not anything I'm interested in.


DiRT series isn't that bad of a game to be honest.


Games are still better than Xboxs lineup

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