Xbox Scorpio Making Amazing Progress- Phil Spencer

If you are expecting Microsoft to delay the launch of the Xbox Scorpio, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Speaking on Twitter today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that the Scorpio is making amazing progress, suggesting that the console is on track to meet its Holiday 2017 release date.

“I’m in a day-long review of where the team is on Scorpio right now,” Spencer said on Twitter in response to a fan. “Amazing progress and we are feeling good about schedule.”

That is doubtless good news for Xbox fans- the Scorpio, which Microsoft is building to be a ‘beast,’ is going to be the most powerful console ever made, with an incredible 6 TFLOPs GPU. It promises to rid the stigma of the underpowered Xbox One from around Microsoft’s neck, and the Xbox brand. Microsoft have regained some serious momentum of late– the Scorpio launch should be another feather in their cap, especially with the PS4 Pro being underwhelming.

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Can't wait to learn more about this, might actually migrate a little from Sony into Microsoft like I used to be.


Going to want this. I didn't get the new xbox one( slim version) so I could get this.

Hope it doesn't disappoint.


I'm really excited for this console.


Not going to buy the S ever, not in my interest but that's pretty shitty if you ask me. The S is too much anyways. :/


I don't know if Scorpio will be worth the wait I want a new xbox now because my original xbox one disc drive is sorta broken


God dam i can not justify buying a new console, so soon.


Definitly gonna replace thisbwith my regular xbox one


Very cool. Even better is if it comes earlier though. Hopefully it lives up to the hype Phil Spencer puts it out to be.


That's awesome, they say that the Xbox one is underpowered even though to me the console is just fine.


This is great, I'm so pumped for it.

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