Forza Horizon 3 demo release date spotted

We’ve always known Forza Horizon 3 would get a demo, just like all recent Forza games have.

Microsoft has not officially announced a date for this demo, but the store page for it popped up anyway. As you can see, it lists Sunday, September 11 as the release date.

It goes live at 8pm EST, which means it’ll release at 1am BST/ 2am CEST on Monday. There’s no word just yet about what’s going to be included, but if the Horizon 2 demo is anything to do by, a small portion of the city and one car will be all you have access to.

The download size is 18.34 GB, and it doesn’t look like the demo is coming to the Windows 10 Store, despite the game itself launching on PC day and date with Xbox One.

Forza Horizon 3 is out September 27 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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Enjoyed the 1st banned in the 1st one. Still banned in the 2nd one. Hopefully not the Would love to get back into this game.


not out jet in germany damn


I can not wait for this! Love Horizon 2 so im super excited


This looks like a big improvement compared to Horizon 2


GT40 Has anyone gotten codes for warthog?

I got 1 three days ago. Asked a few friends though and they have nothing..


Skates Is that the Scout Hog from Halo 5 lol?

Yeah, it's in the game as a drivable car I believe. Xbox's Youtube page has a trailer for it being in the game, at least.

OP: Can we play the Demo on PC? Edit: A quick Google search reveals there will not be a PC demo :(


Yea it's still not here sooo... #DOBETTER.


Is that the Scout Hog from Halo 5 lol?


nice that looks sweet man


Has anyone gotten codes for warthog?

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