With the Xbox One X just a little over a couple weeks away from worldwide launch, you’re probably going to see a lot more of these in the near future- but here’s one just to kick things off anyway. Digital Foundry have posted a graphics comparison video between the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, and the results are about what you’d expect them to be. The video shows the recently released more
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That damn blue zone ... The popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues to be in the spotlight for breaking records left and right while just being a simple and fun Early Access game. As the team continues to make improvements to make it launch-ready, PUBG developers have decided to make that dreaded blue zone is about to get even deadlier. The PUBG crew took to the more
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Call of Duty: WW2 is now just a little over a week away from release now, and we’ve got word that the development process of the game is now officially done and dusted. Sledgehammer Games boss Glen Schofield recently took to Twitter and confirmed that after three years of everything that entailed the development of the game, including research, writing and what have you, the game’s more
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PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds has been in the public eye quite a bit recently - both for good reasons, and for the not so good. With beating records left and right for concurrent players, it's no surprise that parodies are starting to pop up. Just like this fake PUBG movie trailer in the video below called BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! Spoiler Alert: It's freaking hilarious. The above below has well more
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Battlefield 1 never ceases to amaze with consistent updates and constant post-game content drops from developer DICE. This week we received a ton of information regarding the upcoming expansion pack Turning Tides which will release December 2017. The tagline of the expansion suggests that players will “conquer land, air, and sea in the amphibious battles of the Great War.” Doing so will more
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The creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hopes that his game will retain its competitive scene once it is comes to the Xbox One , but he adds that whether it does or not rests on the players themselves. While it currently only exists on the PC platform, PUBG was announced earlier in the year for an Xbox One release. The game has no shortage of active players on Steam at the moment, but more
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A little while back, we reported on the news of a potential Injustice arcade game, which got a few players excited. After all, the idea of being able to beat up opponents with a Mortal Kombat-style arcade machine is more than enough for anyone to get excited over. Now that the game has arrived, however, you might want to keep something in mind – it isn’t quite what you would expect it to more
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Those who purchase an Xbox One X will be able to set their console apart from other Xbox One versions right from the beginning with a special start-up screen that’s supposedly going to be included. Xbox owners have likely gotten quite accustomed to the start-up sequence that’s been used for the Xbox One since it was released, but if any new version of the Xbox One were to be deserving of more
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Team Fail0verflow has just published a complete writeup of a kernel exploit for the PS4. This exploit is, according to the team of hackers, valid up to PS4 firmware 4.05 included, and was patched by Sony in firmware 4.07. They say this was the same exploit used in the infamous Chaitin Tech Jailbreak*, although the two teams found the exploit independently. Although the Fail0verflow article more
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Today Microsoft released another teaser trailer for the Xbox One X, with the slogan “Feel True Power.” This is the second ad of a series started yesterday, but while the first one focused on the fact that the Xbox One X’s power will make your eye dilate, this one has the console making the actor gasp in awe. We get to see quite a few glimpses of games that will support the console, more
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