PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an Early Access Game on Steam, but that isn’t stopping it from soaring in popularity. It seems that the fact that the game is technically still in development also isn’t keeping its developers from thinking about what a single-player campaign would look like for the game, which is currently multiplayer-only. While a single-player campaign appears to be a more
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Far Cry 5 players will be able to enjoy the game’s entire single-player campaign cooperatively with friends through online play. Far Cry 5 will let players edit their character to some degree, through features like gender and skin tone, and players can take these characters into friends’ games to tackle the full story campaign. The full functionality of Far Cry 5‘s cooperative play is more
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The developers over at DICE held their preview for the Battlefield 1 May Update yesterday and discussed the changes that players can expect to see in the upcoming patch. The livestream hosts, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre, Producer Andrew Gulotta, and Gameplay Designer Chad Wilkinson, began by discussing the biggest issue with operations: empty lobbies. Gulotta explained how the more
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The Xbox Game Pass launches for everyone on June 1, but it is already available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The subscription service functions a lot like EA Access- it lets you access, without restrictions, a library of 100 games on the Xbox One. Speaking on Twitter, Phil Spencer said that the early feedback on the Xbox Game Pass has been really strong. He also spoke about how the service more
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Every year there is the usual flow of leaks and rumors in regards to Apple's iPhone. While that seems to be the case this year, we have yet to solidify the placement of the device's Touch ID sensor. That all might change, as it appears that new information has surfaced that states Apple will indeed have its fingerprint sensor under the front display glass of its next device. According to a more
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Since being announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Sega’s 2D Sonic revival, Sonic Mania, has been quiet on an exact release date. However, the current trailer on the European Steam page has revealed a possible launch of August 15th, 2017. While the trailer on the U.S. Steam page still states summer 2017 as the launch, GameSpot reports the European page now lists the mid-August date at the more
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Today Ubisoft fully revealed Far Cry 5, the new chapter of the Far Cry series taking a rather powerful turn in a new direction. Alongside with the announcement, we get the first trailer and screenshots. We are able to a look at the setting in Montana, a face of America that is often familiar but it’s at times overlooked. Of course, it has been given the crazy and surreal twist that has more
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PlayStation Turkey might have recently leaked two of next month’s free PlayStation Plus games through its official Twitter account. The leak was taken down shortly after being posted, but Turkish gaming outlet LeaderGamer managed to screenshot the reveal before it was removed. According to the image, Killing Floor 2 and Life is Strange will be the two free PlayStation 4 titles for the month more
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Destiny fans were disappointed last week to discover that the sequel will once again not use dedicated servers. Now engineering lead Matt Segur has revealed exactly how networking will work in Destiny 2. According to Segur, the explanation is much more complicated than just saying that Destiny 2 doesn’t use dedicated servers. He explains that the sequel uses a hybrid of client-server and more
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The Nintendo Switch continues to perform well for retailers. After Best Buy's earnings call, GameStop reports that the Switch is selling faster than the Wii did in the US for the first two months. This is impressive for a number of reasons, but most notably because both the Wii and the Switch had a huge shortage problem. If the Switch was able to outpace even the Wii in the first two months, more
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