As we wait for the PC open beta to begin, here are some freshly, new decomposed images for Call of Duty: WWII ‘s Zombies mode. The images come from Sledgehammer studio boss, Glen Schofield as he took to Twitter early today, while jokingly stating that he’ll get fired for these. As we’ve seen in the reveal trailer, the Zombies this time around appear to be far more dangerous based solely more
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When Killer Instinct first launched on the Xbox in 2013, it ran in just 720p. The resolution was later bumped up to 900p, but it was still less than satisfactory for the flagship fighter of a brand new console, and only served to reinforce the perception that the Xbox One had weak hardware in the minds of many. With the upcoming Xbox One X, Microsoft has addressed the hardware shortcomings of more
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While we were only able to try out one map for War mode in the beta, I assume we’ll see more maps available for it come launch. Well, it seems we can include post-launch to that equation, too! In a video interview with Jagat Review, Sledgehammer Games’ Scott Whitney confirmed this when he was asked how Sledgehammer will “expand” War mode. Of course, this isn’t really all that more
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We've already reported on how successful the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is since release. but we might know a rough figure now on just how well Crash's debut game did on the PlayStation 4. According to Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad, the Crash Bandicoot PS4 sales numbers are now at over 2.5 million units worldwide! That's a lot of crates smashed! Will this mean more remastered PS1 more
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The Nintendo Switch has had no problem at all flying off of shelves since its phenomenal release, but even though Nintendo fans have had a pretty hard getting their hands on the console post-release, Nintendo says that the launch still exceeded their expectations. Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime spoke to Mashable about the crazy popular console while acknowledging that plenty of gamers, even more
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A long time ago, back when the franchise hadn’t exploded in popularity like it did after Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty franchise used to have substantial single player content, with multiple campaigns, and each of them fairly long, and each usually showing a different side of the war the game depicted. With Modern Warfare, that was reduced to a single, cinematic story campaign, and one more
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"Stream-sniping" has been a hot topic in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community lately, and recent developments will only further its usage. Stream-sniping is when a player watches a broadcaster's live stream to learn something about them—usually their exact location—to use as an advantage to defeat the player. It's against PUBG's rules of conduct and is listed as a bannable more
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One of the big advantages that the Xbox One X will have over the PS4 Pro will be its system-level support for supersampling. In laymen terms, supersampling enhances texture and image quality even for people who are on 1080p panels, so they can enjoy improved visual fidelity without having a 4K TV. This is a feature we have not yet had a chance to see a lot of- but speaking on Twitter, more
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Destiny 2 is currently out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, and already Guardians are on the field taking on new challenges such as the recent Leviathan raid. Since the raid's release, there have been many accomplishments had, including one team beating an integral part of the event with only a two-player fireteam. But as more and more players continue to overcome the challenges within more
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If EA isn’t going to make another Skate, at least creā-ture Studios is picking up the slack with its upcoming shredding sim, Session. A recent video taken during a playtest and posted to the developer’s Facebook page shows that Session is taking a more grounded approach to skating than the Tony Hawk series. Originally scheduled for a 2016 release, creā-ture Studios delayed the more
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