Modern Warfare 2 Map pack 'Stimulus Package' Exclusive sneak peak


Here is an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new modern warfare 2 'stimulus package'(DLC)slated for release around spring this year. Make sure you watch until the end of the video for somthing special.Keep an eye on for more gameplay videos from the new maps . The video and images are all recorded on an xbox360 console. This is footage of the actual dlc.



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Yes this would be nice if it was real.....

The problem with this picture (well video) is that it is from a low end budget pc version of the COD4 game. I cant tell you how i know this and what i actually do know but what i can tell you is that some of the screen shots are indeed real however a a large amount of them are fake and as for the video at the end, well! i thought it was just funny that people are believing this. You'll find me around if you want the truth. i made it easy for you to find me if you just find the space.


F ya new maps


Thats all Maps From the Original Modern Warfare


yo 2nd vid was tooken off probably means that it was legit!!!!!!!


i cry fake because in the last clip where u actually see video the player moves fires their gun twice and the ammo remains on 60.


I think it's fake, because there's no XP bar! xD


looking forward to it, got my points ready!


Oh my god ! Can i serisously no homo stick my wiener up your bum for showing me that ?


MP_COMPACT looks like an awsome map


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