Now that the press have actual, non-stolen Nintendo Switch consoles in their position, we can have a better look at the console’s UI. User interface design is one of the things that gets us exciting about modern devices, and the Switch UI looks pretty clean. A new video will take you through all the available settings, options, and everything else you can customise on the system’s more
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A GameStop spokesperson confirmed what many suspected for weeks: that there is huge demand for the Nintendo Switch out there, and that people are pre-ordering it like crazy. GameStop senior director of merchandising Eric Bright said that demand for the console is “tremendous”. “We’ve seen tremendous demand for Switch. And of the initial allocation of pre-orders we took, the majority more
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Want to play your purchased Nintendo Switch downloads on multiple separate consoles? You'd better be prepared to buy more than one copy of each game. We recently learned that the Nintendo Switch will finally link eShop purchases to a portable online account (unlike the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, which locked purchases to a specific piece of hardware). But we're now discovering that this feature more
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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is launching on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro later this summer, but it appears it won’t be a permanent exclusive as many originally believed. The game’s release date was recently announced on the PlayStation Blog as June 30th, 2017, coming to PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. PlayStation Ireland later tweeted out that the game would not be multiplatform, leading to more
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According to Michael Goodman, an analyst at Strategy Analytics fans may have to wait until next year, or even the year beyond that, before the Scorpio’s true power becomes apparent. Speaking to We Write Things, Goodman noted that “It is the third or fourth generation titles that really should be able to show the difference. My expectation is that the launch titles on Scorpio aren’t going to more
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When Dead Rising 4 launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs last year, it was exclusive- however, it was a timed exclusive, with provisions in place for its eventual launch on competing storefronts on PC, and eventually, on other competing consoles too. A launch on the PS4 (or Nintendo Switch?) may be too far off into the future for now, but it looks like you might not have to wait for too long more
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Nintendo refreshed its account system’s landing page this week, adding new functionality to prep for the Switch’s launch on March 3. That includes the introduction of the Nintendo Account ID, yet another username that Nintendo fans need to go set up and link to their systems. The Nintendo Account ID is different from the Nintendo Network ID, a similar but separate account name used on Wii more
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The four free games being gifted to Xbox Live Gold members in March have been revealed. First up, from March 1st-31st, first-person horror game Layers of Fear will be free to download on Xbox One. This will be followed by the Ultimate Edition of Turtle Rock’s 4v1 shooter Evolve from March 16th to April 15th. While Xbox 360 Gold members get Borderlands 2 from March 1st-15th and retro style more
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Today, Nintendo released an official unboxing video for the Switch, which is set to finally release in 10 days, on March 3, 2017. As is common with these type of videos, the video shows you everything you will get when you pick up a Nintendo Switch. This particular video features the Switch with the grey Joycon, opposed to the one with the neon red and blue. The Switch is set to launch on more
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Brian “Poshybrid” Vigneault, a World of Tanks Twitch streamer, has died from unknown causes during a 24-hour charity livestream. The 35-year-old father of three was 22 hours into his stream on February 19, which was raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, when he disappeared from the stream for a cigarette break. He never returned. Vigneault had been doing marathon streams over more
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