The Microsoft store page for Need for Speed: Payback has received an update, revealing the game’s download size. Need for Speed: Payback, according to the Microsoft store, is going to be a relatively small download at just 17.81GB. This is definitely very modest compared to many games today, and if it’s anything to go by, the PS4 and PC versions shouldn’t be too much higher. The more
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Though Bungie continues to infuriate fans with its tone-deaf approach to the end-game in Destiny 2, it is putting the required amount of effort into launching the PC version. Out on October 24th and handled by Vicarious Visions, Destiny 2 will release on October 24th for PC. In its recent weekly update, Bungie has detailed what will be available at launch. First off, you can expect the more
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The keyboard and mouse combo Hori released for PS4 this year is coming to Xbox One. Called the Tactical Assault Commander Pro One, the controller is officially licensed by Microsoft. It looks exactly like the PS4 version, only it’s white and has Xbox-branded buttons. You can adjust the sensitivity and key bindings as you like, and save separate user profiles, all managed using a mobile more
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Humble Bundle is giving away a free copy of Sid Meier’s Civilization III for the next 28 hours. To get your free copy of the game, simply head on over to the Humble Store and add the game to your cart. The only catch is that you need to sign up for a free account. The Complete version of the game includes the multiplayer expansion Civilization III: Play the World and Civilization III: more
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Just yesterday it was reported that a new update had rolled out to the Nintendo Switch, giving it the ability to record gameplay footage. While that was quite a welcome update, it looks like there was something else added that wasn't mentioned in the update notes. As it turns out, the Switch now offers support for USB devices like wireless headphones. This is quite convenient for users who more
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Microsoft looks to have a pretty rough Christmas ahead. Sure, it’s got its new hardware, the Xbox One X, set to hit the market next month, and it has some great games with Forza Motorsport 7 and Cuphead, as well as the third-party games coming to the system. But it’s seen some share of turmoil over the past few months. Crackdown 3, its big holiday release, got delayed into next year; and more
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According to a recent study by SuperData Research, Twitch is now more popular than premium video services like HBO and Netflix. Throughout 2016, Twitch clocked in at 185 million viewers, compared to HBO’s 130 million subscribers and Netflix’s 93 million subscribers. It doesn’t look like this trend is going to change in 2017 either, as SuperData estimates that Twitch will have 212 million more
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September had one clear winner in the world of video game sales: Nintendo. According to the latest news from the sales-tracking NPD Group (via Business Wire), sales of Nintendo systems made up a whopping two-thirds of hardware sales for the entire month. The Nintendo Switch alone passed the 2 million units sold mark (and, as the company notes, that’s without going through a single holiday more
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Firmware update 4.0.0 was released today for the Nintendo Switch, bringing a save transfer feature, and adding video capture for the first time. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with Nintendo, the new features come with big caveats. Starting off with the transfer feature, it allows players to do a one-time transfer from one Switch console to another. This carries over user profile, save more
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The Xbox One X is nearly upon us and as the most powerful console ever (at least according to Microsoft), it’s looking to herald the age of 4K console gaming. Whether it actually succeeds in that regard remains to be seen but games like the recent Cuphead and Forza Motorsport 7, not to mention older titles like Halo 5: Guardians and Gears of War 4, do look impressive. Of course, one thing more
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