During Bungie’s Destiny 2 gameplay reveal the team announced that four explorable worlds would be featured. Those four worlds include Earth, though it’s areas of Earth that Destiny players won’t be familiar with, Saturn’s moon Titan, Nessus, and Jupiter’s moon Io. While Bungie didn’t outright say that Destiny 2 wouldn’t explore beyond these four worlds, it’s safe to say that at more
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Bungie began its live premiere for Destiny 2 with more information still coming. Until then, check out the cinematic trailer below, helpfully clipped by IGN. The trailer focuses on Zavala and how he first became a Guardian. His journey battling against the Fallen, growing stronger and stronger to eventually find humanity and the Speaker. From there, the Last City is established along with the more
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Survival management sim Dead in Bermuda is free on Origin this month. All you need to do is log in and claim the game then it’s yours forever. Dead in Bermuda puts you in charge of several survivors of a plane crash. You assign them tasks, allowing them to grow in a form of RPG-like progression. And hopefully survive long enough to uncover a conspiracy. ~It’s like Lost, except not more
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A new trilogy of games has just joined the Xbox One’s backward compatibility program, but that news might not be exciting to most of the world. The three games are all titles in the Steins;Gate series, originally from Japan. Their names, when translated, come out to Steins;Gate (the original), Steins;Gate: Darling of Loving Vows, and Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. None of these games more
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At the beginning of Destiny 2, Dominus Ghaul—the game’s new antagonist—attacks the Tower and strips Guardians of their powers in an attempt to harness the Light, scattering the Vanguards to far and distant worlds, and it’s up to you to retrieve them. It’s a compelling setup—and a good excuse to reset everyone’s progress from the first game. But while you may not be able to carry more
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At the end of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream, Activision and Blizzard announced a few details about the PC version of the game. First and foremost, we hear of a partnership with Blizzard to have Destiny 2 be the first third-party game to be available on, which is Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service. In fact, the digital PC version of Destiny 2 will be more
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Xbox owners have plenty to look forward to throughout the year in terms of new games to enjoy, while those that are looking for an access to hop online and join in on the fun do so for free this weekend, with an added bonus. Microsoft has announced that a Multiplayer All-Access Weekend is kicking off this weekend, with the event offering free multiplayer access to Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners more
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PC Gamer has revealed that Xbox will once again join the PC Gaming Show at E3 as both a sponsor and key presenter, along with several other developers. “PC gaming is a huge part of our gaming ecosystem – across Windows, Beam, and Xbox,” Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Marketing at Microsoft, said. “The PC Gaming Show is the perfect place for us to talk about what’s more
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A new rumor suggests that the upcoming Destiny sequel might finally ditch its 30 FPS limit and makes the jump to 60 FPS. The rumor comes from a rather random source so it is quite likely that the things that are mentioned in this rumor might not be true, however the original source of the rumor suggests that while it is possible that not all of the leaks are true, the 60 FPS rumor is definitely more
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Bohemia Interactive has officially released the Arma 3 Jets DLC that it has been promising. Alongside that, we got an official launch trailer for the additional content, as well as a little breakdown of free update 1.70. Update 1.70 features new content for Arma 3 to accompany the release of the Jets DLC, but it is free to all who own Arma 3. Here are a few of the highlights for the content more
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