Xbox Series X will feature an advanced form of backwards compatibility support when the next-generation console launches later in the year. Microsoft has teased as such in the past and is now adding details to just how games from past generations will take full advantage of the monstrous hardware of Xbox Series X. There are already “thousands” of backwards compatible games that are being more
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Despite official statements to the contrary, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 seemingly did have a story campaign at one point during development. The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gameplay reveal nearly two years ago was jam-packed with content, but everyone remembers how developer Treyarch tried to spin not having a single-player campaign in the game as is custom. At the time, Treyarch said a more
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Grand Theft Auto 6 seems planned to potentially release in 2023 or early 2024 based on Take-Two's planned marketing budget. Even though it hasn’t been announced formally, it’s no secret whatsoever that Grand Theft Auto 6 is being worked on at Rockstar Games right now. We’ve heard as much in previous reports that have said the game is still fairly early into development with no such more
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Remedy’s next project already has an entry on the Epic Games Store database. It looks like Control developer Remedy Entertainment might be gearing up to reveal a new project. A number of database entries attributed to the developer have appeared on, a site dedicated to cataloguing store database updates, sort of like what SteamDB is to Steam. The entries, spotted by MP1st, more
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Besides arriving on Xbox Game Pass, No Man's Sky will also be launching on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PC Players. Since coming out nearly two years ago, No Man’s Sky has gone through some changes. It now has fully functional multiplayer, base building, mech suits and more. And very soon, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to experience all of Hello Games’ infinite universe more
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A new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch is now available! Version 10.0.3 is out for the popular video game console, and while any little upgrade is appreciated, it is worth noting here that it would appear to be a relatively small and insubstantial one for Nintendo's console. This isn't exactly surprising, however, as the non-whole number releases are typically incremental at best, as seen more
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Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are officially June 2020's two games that are free on PS Plus. Sony opted to roll out this coming month’s slate of free PlayStation Plus games a bit differently than it has in the past. Earlier this week, it was unveiled that Call of Duty: WWII would be the first title that would be made available for free to subscribers for June 2020, with the more
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Half-Life has been an odd franchise, given the big gaps between releases. And Valve has not been the only studio to contribute to this either. Arkane Studios, the team behind Dishonored, was once working on its own series called Return to Ravenholm which might have also been known as Half-Life 2 Episode 4, but it was canned. However, an upcoming documentary is teasing a look at that ill-fated more
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A long-rumoured port of Metroid Prime Trilogy could be coming to Nintendo Switch next month, according to a listing from Swedish retailer Inet. The online retailer – which is, in fact, the original source of that years-old rumour after the trilogy and its intended platform were revealed on its website back in 2018 – has updated the game’s page with a release date. Metroid Prime more
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The next expansion to indie strategy game Prison Architect is coming to PC and consoles on June 11. Island Bound, as you can guess from its title, introduces island-based content in the form of two new Alcatraz-inspired pre-made maps: Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island. Additionally, you can expect a bunch more island-centric customization options – moats, rivers, and lakes for security, more
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