We already met a new Operator coming to Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege earlier this week with Clash, but fans wasted no time digging through the game's files to see what else would be coming to the strategic game. What they found was not only a few changes to how the operators function, but a new one all together. Meet Maverick, the potential new torch operator coming soon. What makes this more more
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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is hosting another free weekend on August 16th, running all the way to August 20th. That means if you don’t own the game, you can download and try out all the maps, Operators and modes at no cost. The timing of the free weekend is important as the Rainbow Six Major championship will be taking place with a $350,000 prize pot. On August 17th, Ubisoft will also more
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Red Dead Redemption was a beautiful game back when it first launched in 2010, and when it received 4K enhancements on the Xbox One X, its visual impact increased manifold. And of course, Rockstar’s ability to deliver stunning visuals shouldn’t surprise anyone- but nothing could have prepared us for Red Dead Redemption 2. The upcoming open world giant recently received a gameplay trailer more
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Indie developers Digerati and RuneHeads arent biased when it comes to releasing its content, and to prove this they will be releasing their game on all consoles. Fall of Light: Darkest Edition will release on the PS4 on August 21 or August 22 (respectively in North America and Europe), on Xbox One on August 14 and last but not least, on August 23 on the Switch. It seems like a lifetime ago more
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Team 17, Firecast Studios and Fableware Narrative Design can barely contain themselves today. The reason? Well, Sword Legacy: Omen, a turn-based tactical RPG, is available for all to enjoy on Steam, of course. You play as Uther Pendragon, a vengeful knight aided by Merlin, an eldritch sorcerer, in this somber reimagining of the Arthurian legend. You must forge a path across the realm of Broken more
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Pokémon is more than just a franchise to some. To die-hard collectors, the series has become their life’s mission, and there is no amount of money they wouldn’t drop on a must-buy item. And, in a recent auction, one dedicated fan proved they’ll do what it takes to catch ‘em all. You know, even if that means dropping $70,000 on a set of Pokémon cards. Over the weekend, Huggins & more
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Creative Assembly and SEGA will be releasing Total War: Three Kingdoms next Spring, but so far we’ve really only seen how the basic battle mechanics will work. That changed today though, as the developers have finally unveiled the game’s massive campaign map in a new trailer. This trailer also heavily focuses on warlord Sun Jian, one of Total War: Three Kingdoms’ playable generals. Also more
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After becoming Steam’s biggest launch of 2018, Monster Hunter World is now setting new records only days after launch. On release day, the PC version of Monster Hunter World peaked at over 240,901 concurrent players on Steam. This was the highest for any 2018 game on release, and certainly Capcom’s best ever launch on PC. Monster Hunter World launched on a Thursday, though, so there was more
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Upon unveiling the gameplay for DOOM Eternal, id Software impressed many of us with the expanded movement, gorgeous level design and intense action that made the first game so lovable. Interestingly enough, when we first heard rumours of a follow-up to DOOM (2016), we thought the game would simply be called DOOM 2. However, id Software went with a different route. Speaking to IGN, executive more
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We know that Sony recently crossed a huge threshold when it comes to the 500 million consoles it recently sold. But that’s not to sell the competition short. In fact, Nintendo’s been doing rather well on its own part. Gamnesia has posted a report breaking down the sales numbers for Nintendo’s consoles -- and that number is impressive as well. Apparently the company has sold over 300 more
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