With the upcoming DLC on the way for Call of Duty: WWII players, the first major event is also slated to drop soon for fans of the hit FPS to enjoy. The Resistance Event will be officially kicking off next week offering themed drops, double XP, and tons more. The Resistance goes into full effect on January 23rd until February 27th for all major platforms. For more of what's in story, such as more
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Players are reporting that cross-platform play has once again been activated in the world of Fortnite when playing PvE. This is coming from PlayStation 4 and PC users reporting that they are seeing Xbox One players during their gameplay experience, making the "oops" from a few months ago once again back in the spotlight. One Redditor took to the popular social forum to show off a screenshot of more
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Another day, another Red Dead Redemption 2 release date leak. Rather, we should say another supposed leak. Late last night someone brought our attention to a listing on Amazon Mexico which has Rockstar's highly-anticipated sequel launching on July 12. You can see the listing for yourself right here, but just in case it gets taken down, here's a screen-cap for our future selves:
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It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a new expansion announced for EA’s awesome Battlefield 1, but, as the New Year has begun rolling in, we’ve finally got one – and it’s a doozy. DICE confirmed today that the fourth expansion for the multiplayer shooter, titled Apocalypse, will arrive this February. A specific date and price weren’t given yet, but the latest update looks to more
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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition have been given a mid-February release date for Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft announced today it will release Age of Empires: Definitive Edition worldwide on February 20. The game will run you $19.99/£14.99 or the regional equivalent. It was also announced the multiplayer beta would become open to more players worldwide starting January 29. Originally more
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Today Rare released a new trailer of its upcoming shared-world adventure game titled Sea of Thieves. The video is narrated by Art Director Ryan Stevenson, as he explains and shows off the rich and beautiful world of the game. We get to see diverse environments, from crashed ships to foreboding altars, and scary caves full of mysteries to be solved. Stevenson also stressed how the developers more
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Hacking systems is nothing new. We do it to our platforms, we do it to our mobile devices - people like to tinker, it's that natural curiousity. That being said, the Nintendo Switch has been giving hackers a helluva time when it comes to cracking that system's code (which is a good thing!), but it looks like that dedication is paying off because some are reporting that the crack is officially more
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It’s kind of strange how an unintended thing that popped up in a popular game could become a new feature for it. Sometimes…it just happens. That’s the case with Call of Duty: WWII. Some players have come across a glitch within the game, and the developers at Sledgehammer Games may be incorporating it in the near future as a featured item. What is this glitch, you ask? According to more
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For some time now, Xbox One fans and critics alike have pointed out the lack of games on the console as compared to the great titles available exclusively for the PS4. With Matt Booty as the new head of games, Microsoft is changing up its organization and the aim is to invest more in first-party content. It will be Booty who will carry out Phil Spencer’s plans regarding how they push this more
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The latest system software update 5.05 for the PS4 is available to download now. This latest update is mandatory to install because without it, you will not be able to continue connecting to the PlayStation Network. The last large update was 5.00 and it brought with it a number of important changes such as enhanced friends list, better broadcasting features, and more. It is stated the latest more
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