The launch of Battlefield V’s battle royale mode called “Firestorm” is coming soon, but when the new mode launches, there won’t be any “exotic modes” available at first, according to the Firestorm creators. What there will be though is a series of “weekly experiences” and more updates coming after launch, a release strategy that might sound familiar to core Battlefield V players more
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Gears of War fans are gearing up to get down on the next big installment in the franchise, which is set to arrive at some point later this year. While not a whole lot is known about the upcoming title, it has been made apparent that The Coalition is hard at work ensuring the Gears 5 experience lives up to expectations. That said, the developers have taken to their website to reveal that work on more
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The Witness is the next free title in the Epic Games Store. It will be available to download between April 4 and April 18, and will be free-to-keep. It’s not another free weekend promotion. The Witness was released back in 2016 and sees the player wake up on a strange and beautiful island where they must solve strange, challenging and long-winded puzzles. The Witness generally received more
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A small Apex Legends patch was pushed out PC yesterday which addressed crashing on PC. Apex Legends players on PC have experienced crashing issues in the game. Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has identified one of the culprits and patched things up. Earlier this week, Apex Legends patch 1.0 addressed some stability and performance issues on PC. For one, it capped PC FPS to 300 to balance more
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Apple confirmed on Monday that it’s working on a new game subscription service called “Apple Arcade” that caters to users who play games on mobile devices. The subscription service was revealed during Apple’s big showtime event following rumors that suggested such a product was being worked on. During the reveal, Apple said that the Apple Arcade service will be the world’s first game more
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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls today by netting yourself a free copy of Morrowind. This week marks the 25th anniversary of the release of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the first entry in the long-running fantasy RPG series which released on this exact day back in 1994. To celebrate, Bethesda has a whole slew of activities planned beginning today with giving away one of the more
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Star Wars Battlefront II players can expect a new game mode to be added to the game this week on March 26th, a mode that takes players through multiple phases. Called “Capital Supremacy,” the mode will have players fight on the ground initially to capture various command posts before taking to the air as the winners of the first phase try and take down enemies’ capital ship. Those who lost more
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An Apex Legends player has discovered a unique animation some people might’ve seen during games where they play as Wraith. The animation has Wraith throwing up the “okay” symbol on one hand after using her Tactical ability and returning from the void once the duration is over, though it won’t happen every time the Legend uses the ability. It’s one of several rare animations that more
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Google just announced Stadia, their game streaming service that will supposedly allow you to stream high-quality games to your devices no matter where you are if you have the bandwidth to handle it. Alongside that announcement, Google also unveiled its very own controller for the service. It will remind many of the Switch Pro controller, just with the two analog sticks sitting next to each other more
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While the recent announcements of MCC on PC and Reach are exciting, 343 still has no plans on bringing Halo 5 to the lineup. Recently, during an Inside Xbox showing, 343 Industries unveiled that they will be bringing The Master Chief Collection to PC. On top of that, Halo Reach would be joining the lineup of games in the collection. Now that Reach is joining the lineup, that means that the only more
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