Black Friday will bring almost all the savings that gamers can hope for later this week, but Nintendo is focusing on something else other than discounts when it comes to the Nintendo Switch’s debut Black Friday event. While every leaked and officially released Black Friday ad has been thoroughly scanned with hopes of seeing a price cut of the Nintendo Switch, no matter how small, the sales more
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Even though PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) continues to break records left and right, that doesn't mean players of the popular battle royale game aren't itching for something new. With the new desert map on the horizon, a few new drops for the game have been revealed including new skins and coloured parachutes. Though the servers the patch testing was done on are now closed, that didn't more
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Earlier this year, the developers at Hamster expanded its Arcade Archives line-up for the Nintendo Switch by introducing an old-school port of the two-player Mario Bros., alongside its many Neo-Geo releases that have been coming out for the system at that time. That left a lot of fans wondering – could we possibly see some more Nintendo arcade ports come to the system? Good news, it’s more
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There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Nintendo Switch is surpassing expectations left and right. With a record amount of third party support, unique design mechanics, and a library that has something for both long-term veterans of gaming and the newbies looking for something new to experience - the hybrid console has definitely made an impact since launch. But it's not just gamers that more
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Minecon Earth is currently taking place allowing players around the world to view new Minecraft announcements via live stream from the event. One such announcement was the reveal of the game’s next update, which is set to be a big one. Dubbed ‘Update Aquatic,’ this upcoming update is set to add a ton of new features involving the ocean. Coral reefs, shipwrecks, a Trident weapon, new more
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Every year the Black Friday craze hits earlier, and while we aren’t even into the Thanksgiving week just yet, console manufacturers are already battling it out. Microsoft has already opened the dances with its Black Friday deals open to Xbox Live Gold members, but there is a juicy one for everyone. Those who don’t have an Xbox Game Pass subscription can get the first month for $1 (or €1 more
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The Turning Tides expansion for Battlefield 1 was already scheduled to be released throughout December and January, but a date for the DLC has now surfaced that might give players an idea of when to expect its release. While leaks will occasionally come from third-party sources, this leak, if true, actually comes straight from the game itself. An update on the game’s website that detailed more
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It appears the decision to temporarily remove microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2 was due to pressure from Disney. Reports from various sources state EA’s temporary removal of purchasable Crystals in Star Wars Sattlefront 2 was made after a phone call from Disney, which owns the Star Wars franchise. EA removed the option to purchase in-game Crystals ahead of the game’s more
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Epic Games has released a new Dev Update video for Fortnite Battle Royale, which details some of the changes coming soon to the mode. This update goes over weapon changes, team killing, and more. There’s also a hotfix for silenced SMGs being released on November 20, along with other balance fixes. Here is the new Fortnite Dev Update video, via Twitter:
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Sony Interactive Entertainment America made available today an “early access” of its PlayStation Store Black Friday sale, that will actually start on November 21st and end on November 27th. This accompanies a bunch of hardware deals that will also be available on the store shelves. There are quite a few good deals, but this early access is limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers, so if more
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