Microsoft will continue to buy more game development studios, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal event on Monday, Spencer said Microsoft will "definitely" buy more studios, though there is no timeline for when the deals might happen. "We're definitely not done," Spencer said, as reported by Tom Warren. "There's no quota, no timeline where I have to go more
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Prior to the launch of Dying Light 2 in early 2022, developer Techland recently revealed that it is planning to bring the original Dying Light to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms in the near future. While this game is already playable on both next-gen platforms via backward compatibility, Techland will instead soon be releasing a new patch that could upgrade Dying Light for next-gen more
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Xbox’s Compulsion Games, the developer behind We Happy Few, has revealed that its next title will be a third-person narrative single player game. In an interview with Xbox Squad, Naila Hadjas from Compulsion Games talked about the studio’s expansion, its plans for the future and revealed a few details about its next, unannounced title. In the interview, which has been translated from more
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Kingdom Hearts series producer Ichiro Hazama has revealed that a native port of the Kingdom Hearts games for Nintendo Switch is still “undecided”. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Hazama responded when prompted as to why the Kingdom Hearts series is receiving cloud versions of the games, rather than native ports. “Bringing these titles to Nintendo Switch proved to be quite more
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Minecraft‘s Deep Dark has been delayed out of 1.18 to arrive with the 1.19 release date with The Wild, and the devs at Mojang showed off some new features for the new biome at Minecraft Live over the weekend. We got a good look at the sculk as part of the reveal, and it looks like this set of blocks will bring us a whole new way to farm XP. Sculk catalysts will generate in the Deep Dark, and more
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One of the most entertaining set-pieces in Back 4 Blood pays an electric homage to Left 4 Dead 2. This article contains slight gameplay spoilers for Back 4 Blood's campaign. During the second act of Back 4 Blood, your party is tasked with distracting a horde of Ridden who have pinned down some other survivors and holding out in a bar until you can make your escape. Getting the Ridden - more
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The God of War game from 2018 is coming to the PC platform, Sony announced this week. It'll depart from the PlayStation consoles for the first time and will be available to PC players on January 14th with a "wide range of graphical presets and options" in tow so that PC players can configure their cutscene-free experience accordingly. God of War Ragnarok was not mentioned in the announcement, so more
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Starbreeze, which is the developer and publisher of the popular co-op shooter series Payday, has revealed that it will have more to say about the long-awaited third installment in the franchise later this month. While it's not currently known what these new details might actually look like, it seems like Starbreeze might be looking to finally give us a substantial look at the game as a way of more
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The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game will require storage space of 150GB on PC. That’s according to the game’s system requirements, which have now been listed on its Steam store page. Most of the other minimum requirements are relatively modest for a new AAA game – for example, it requires at least the six-year-old GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card in order to run. However, the more
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Xbox has apologised “for any confusion” after seemingly teasing an announcement about the upcoming Fable game. On Sunday the official Twitter account for Xbox Game Studios Publishing posted a tweet which appeared to suggest Fable news was incoming.
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