We're still months away from the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next new map, Savage, but we do now know a little more about the ideas being incorporated into its design. Savage is a tropical-themed map, and one of its key features will be an underground cave network. There will be multiple tunnels and exits back to the surface, and a large opening that players have the option to more
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Australia's High Court has upheld a ruling against Valve in a lawsuit filed against it in 2014 by Australia's Competition and Consumer Commission over the lack of a refund policy on Steam. The ACCC won the suit in 2016, and came out on top again a year later when Valve's first appeal was dismissed. Valve implemented a refund policy in 2015, but the suit was filed in relation to the years more
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Lara Croft’s third outing under the rebooted Tomb Raider brand is well on the way, and we already know it’s due for release on September 14. But we don’t know much beyond that, aside from the hints at a South American setting provided by the original teaser trailer. But all is scheduled to be revealed soon. Very soon, in fact. The Tomb Raider Twitter has posted a promise that “Shadow more
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This morning we're seeing reports that a new film adaptation of DOOM may be in the works. Actress Nina Bergman sent out a short series of tweets revealing that she's signed the paperwork, and will begin working on the film with Universal. Check it out:
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When The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind released for the original Xbox in 2002, its performance was pretty rough. Though it was groundbreaking to get an open-word RPG of that magnitude running on a console at that time, it could not compete with the PC version. Thanks to backward compatibility and the power of the Xbox One X, Morrowind is running better than ever. Morrowind came to the backward more
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If you’ve been looking forward to getting your hands on State of Mind and you’ve been wondering when you’d be able to, then wonder no more. Today, developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment revealed that the anticipated action-adventure indie game will be making its way to consoles and PC this August. In addition to the announcement of the game’s release date, the developer also more
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Today Microsoft announced new features that will be distributed to Xbox insiders as part of the May Update for Xbox One. First of all, we get support for 120Hz monitors on both 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Users will also be able to group up their games and app in new “group” pins, supporting custom names, with the ability to add them to the home screen. Incidentally, groups won’t be more
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Yesterday night, Epic Games dropped a teaser on their Twitter account stating that the Battle Bus was on the move for their game Fortnite. Conspiracy theories have been at an all time high surrounding the comet, and then the splintering off meteors that started showing up just really threw fans into overdrive. That being said, it was a simple teaser but man, it created a huge rift in the more
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With God of War’s 2018 soft reboot now out in the wild and scoring big with critics, Sony Santa Monica Studios is taking a moment to look back at and reveal to fans what the earliest versions of the game looked like. In an official PlayStation live stream counting down to the game’s official launch, some of the development team and Sony representatives took a moment to show off a few more
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In the increasingly competitive space of battle-royale games, Canadian developer Scavengers Studio has announced that Darwin Project is ditching its pay-to-play model, in favor of adopting a free-to-play model that many of the other games in sub-genre already use. According to the developer, the decision is a result of it wanting to ensure players get the most out of the game, which means more
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