While the Nintendo Switch has had its security cracked, nefarious folk hoping to pirate games through it might be out of luck. Late last month it was announced that the Nintendo Switch had been successfully hacked – and the hack was one which it wouldn’t be possible for Nintendo patch out with a system update. That led to fears that piracy of games might soon be running rampant on the more
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Ever since the original PlayStation, Sony’s “Greatest Hits” lineup of games has always been a way for players to experience some of the best games on each system for a low price. With the PlayStation 4, however, the “Greatest Hits” series has been noticeably absent. That all changes as Sony have announced the “PlayStation Hits,” which is essentially the same thing, except on the more
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Quake Champions, id Software’s competitive arena-style FPS, is free-to-play for an additional week. Bethesda announced during its E3 2018 Showcase Quake Champions would be free-to-play all week. Now, the company has extended the period for another week. The Quake Champions free trial will now run through June 25. Players will still be limited to the Ranger, we assume. Those who enjoy more
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Cross-platform play would be great for a game like FIFA, and the developers agree. FIFA 19 will not have cross-platform support on any of the different platforms it’ll be available on, but that doesn’t mean EA Sports haven’t looked into the possibility before. FIFA players have be calling for some form of cross-platform compatibility for years, particularly when it comes to FIFA more
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It seems like almost every day there’s new gameplay footage of another indie darling running on the Nintendo Switch. Today that indie darling is Piperworks Studio’s port of Terraria, a two-dimensional, procedurally generated game focused on crafting and exploring. Posted as a short video on the Pipeworks Studio Twitter page, the new footage shows Terraria running on a Switch in handheld more
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Just a couple of days after we found a product listing for it, Activision has confirmed the next downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: WWII. And it’s a doozy for fans. United Front will be making its debut on PlayStation 4 starting on June 26, with Xbox One and PC releases to follow later this summer. The pack comes with three new multiplayer maps, along with a new War Mode mission and more
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One of the major announcements from the E3 event at Microsoft last week, FastStart Technology is the fancy marketing term given to algorithms that will help Xbox One gamers be able to jump into the game faster, by the technology being able to target and prioritize the files the game will need earlier on, so the player can just play while the game downloads the rest in the background. If you more
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Today Gaijin Entertainment reached out with a press release making a couple of interesting announcements for War Thunder fans. First of all, the game is now available in early release for Xbox One. Players interested in playing on Microsoft’s console will have to purchase one of the early access Founder’s Packs priced at ($19.99/£15.99/19,99€, $59.99/£44.99/59,99€, or more
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The arrival of PUBG’s newest map, Sanhok, is rapidly approaching. But before the map goes hits live servers, we get one more chance at testing it. PUBG’s Sanhok has moved from the Experimental Server to the regular test server. Today’s patch, which comes in at 13.4GB, brings the new map to players alongside a host of updates and some new content. The update should hit live servers on more
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The Fortnite downtime has finished and, as with seemingly every week, there’s some fresh new content to enjoy. The V4.4 Content Update is small, but brings a couple of cool additions to the game, as well as some useful bug fixes.
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