For as long as gaming consoles have been a thing, they’ve been all about longevity and affordability, but this generation both Sony and Microsoft have bucked tradition, introducing the powered-up “half-step” PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X at a premium price. Could this be the beginning of a trend? Sony and Microsoft have tried to reassure fans they won’t break the console business with more
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Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of the next few months, stretching over to the next year, in fact. And while we can be sure that the game will sell an insane amount of units upon launch and will continue to do well years afterwards, Take-Two Interactive does not expect the game to perform as well in commercial terms as 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V more
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2015’s Just Cause 3 was a solid bit of mayhem, but it really could have done with a multiplayer mode. The Just Cause games are all about crazy stunts and massive explosions, but what good is all that destruction if you’re playing on your own and can’t show it off? If you blow up an oil refinery and there’s nobody else around to see it, did it really happen? Well good news – the PC more
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Destiny 2 is set to provide fans with a lot more narrative as compared to Destiny 1, with the developers behind the game’s story saying that there are more than 50 cutscenes in the game. The news came during a panel about Destiny 2‘s story at San Diego Comic-Con, where Bungie’s Senior Narrative Lead, Jason Harris, said that story was a big focus for the development team this time around more
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Today, during a livestream on Mixer from San Diego Comic Con Microsoft showcased a sizable amount of gameplay of its upcoming game Crackdown 3. The game was played (some times pretty awkwardly) by attendees at the Entertainment Weekly San Diego Comic Con party under the watchful eye of hosts Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and Star Wars Battlefront II star Janina Gavankar. We get to see quite a more
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The stock shortages of the Nintendo Switch have become well documented at this point- getting your hands on a Switch is becoming increasingly difficult no matter where you are in the world. Hell, people are standing in line for hours at end in Japan to get their hands on the newest Nintendo system. There’s clearly a lot of demand for the Switch, and not nearly enough supply. And what do you more
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The launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X console is still a few months out and people are already weighing in on whether they think it will succeed or not. Someone who thinks it might not do so well is analyst, Michael Pachter, who suspects that the $500 price tag could be an issue for consumers. Something Pachter fails to acknowledge though is that while the Xbox One X will be selling for a more
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Earlier today, developer Niantic hosted its first ever Pokémon GO Fest at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, and they’ve unveiled something that players have been waiting for since the game’s release. The wildly popular AR mobile game will finally be adding in the legendary Pokémon Lugia and Articuno. The sold-out event saw the introduction of a “mystery challenge” in which players more
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If you didn’t have enough of the open beta of Destiny 2 or other plans prevented you to play, more time has just been granted by Bungie. The beta has been extended with an announcement on Twitter, and participants will be able to play until Tuesday July 25th. Looks like the studio wants to put additional service testing under the game’s belt, since they’re at it. There’s an more
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Earlier this week at San Diego Comic-Con Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games fully pulled back the bloodstained curtain on Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies. We all got to see the game’s gruesome new trailer, but the Nazi Zombies panel wasn’t livestreamed – aside from a few tweets from the official Call of Duty Twitter account, we haven’t received full details. Well, that’s now more
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