The Discord Store is now open for business, well, it’s in beta. Discord has released the beta version of its new store and it is open to all users. Nitro users will also see an upgrade. The Store will feature titles from publishers such as THQ Nordic and indie developers. First on Discord titles include: Last Year: The Nightmare, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption and King of the more
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Ubisoft is letting For Honor players try their Wu-Tang style today in what is the game’s largest update since launch: “Marching Fire.” The update, which is available today at 12:00 PT, will see the addition of the new Wu Lin faction, including four new playable heroes, as well as new game modes, features, and a “complete graphic[al] overhaul.” You can check out the gameplay trailer more
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No one likes a cheater. We want to believe that everyone can play fairly, equally, and within the rules, but not in the case of YouTuber “Golden Modz”, whose channel has over a million subscribers and a lot of daily views. He has been accused that while streaming he has been selling Fortnite “magical powers” or in layman’s terms cheats that allow players to hack the game. Epic claims more
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This week’s additions to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list have been revealed and it includes the entirety of the Crysis saga. Yes, all three Crysis games have now joined the list of Xbox 360 games now available for play on Xbox One starting today. If you aren’t familiar with Crysis, it’s a series of FPS titles that were developed by Crytek and published by EA last generation. more
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Earlier this week, in a interview with Vulture, Rockstar Studios co-founder Dan Houser remarked that Red Dead Redemption 2’s production team worked multiple 100-hour weeks throughout 2018. In light of these remarks, multiple video game developers from across the field have started to come forward and tell their industry horror stories on Twitter. One of these developers is Job J Stauffer, more
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All the way back in 2009, when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was still a fresh new thing, Activision Blizzard started the Call of Duty Endowment Program to fund programs that ensured veterans were able to land on their feet in good jobs after leaving the military. Now, almost 10 years later, the program has met its goal of “placing 50,000 veterans in meaningful employment” by 2019 more
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Fortnite’s new In-Game Tournaments feature went live on Tuesday with Epic Games announcing the start times of the first tournament that takes place tonight. Going live with the latest Fortnite update that’s now available, the tournaments were unveiled on Monday with a breakdown explaining how they work and how players can participate. The first of a series of upcoming tournaments is the more
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We’re just under a month away from the release of Bethesda’s Fallout 76, which is sure to have its fair share of fans. And while we wait for the beta to unfold later this month, we’ve got an idea of just how much space it’ll be taking up, at least on the Xbox One. The official Microsoft Store page for the game reveals that Fallout 76 will take up roughly 45.28GB of space, which is a more
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Everyone and their grandmother knows that the next generation of PlayStation is not that far off now. Maybe two years, maybe three – maybe even one Either way, it’s coming, and Sony, it seems is gearing up for it- at least if a new job listing posted by them is anything to go by. Sony’s PlayStation division recently put up a job ad for a Senior Product Manager for “Campaign more
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Festival of the Lost returns to the Destiny franchise but for many Destiny 2 players, this will be their first time experiencing the event. Though Bungie has already released details for what can be expected, a new trailer offers some tangible gameplay. Along with showcasing Halloween-like decorations in the Tower, the trailer also reveals the Haunted Forest. And no, you’re not imagining more
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