Today, during Electronic Arts’ live show from Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Electronic Arts shared news about its successful first-person shooter Battlefield 1. First of all, we get the reveal of the previously-teased competitive mode, named “Incursions.” It’s a “completely new way” to play the game, and it’s optimized exclusively for competition. The community will be able to more
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Today, EA’s Gamescom Press Conference kicked off with a brand new gameplay trailer for FIFA 18. While it is a more cinematic feeling trailer, it does show demonstrate the skill moves, wonder goals, and atmosphere of the stadiums that are present in the game. For those who don’t know, the game’s cover star is Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. The game will also be dropping Legends, which more
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Overwatch players are taking a trip to Junkertown in the hero shooter’s upcoming Escort map. Players often have to piece together the stories behind each Overwatch map through hints found in the world, but a new animated short following characters Junkrat and Roadhog does the job for us. After being kicked out of Junkertown for their anarchic tendencies, the pair devises a scheme to get more
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Update: It looks like Best Buy is also out of the preorders. Even though you can add the console to your cart, you eventually get an error which says it’s out of stock. Retailers around the world, like Amazon in Canada and the United Kingdom, are also reporting that the console is out of stock. It looks like Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition preorders are sold out already on Amazon in the more
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Microsoft properly unveiled the Xbox One X yesterday and since then many gamers have been asking for a comparison between various consoles on the market. No matter how you look, the Xbox One X is by far the most powerful machine on the market. It’s at least 40% more powerful than any other device out there, that includes the PlayStation 4 Pro. Take a look at the table where we break down all of more
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Microsoft may lack many major meaningful exclusives for the Xbox One, but they seem to be going all in, and going hard, on the Xbox version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the hit sensation battle royale game on PC, which was announced for Xbox back at E3. Microsoft reiterated that the Xbox version will be ‘exclusive’ for consoles, which seems to imply that the title is not going to more
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It looks like Microsoft’s Xbox One X will be getting far more acceptance in the development community than the PS4 Pro ever did- at least, judging by the widespread developer support for it that Microsoft seems to have gathered for the system. Today, Microsoft confirmed that over 100 Xbox One games will be getting Xbox One X enhancements- this includes major existing releases, upcoming ones, more
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Microsoft today talked more about Forza Motorsport 7, their biggest upcoming exclusive game on the Xbox One for this year, at Gamescom. We learned that there will be three editions of the game, Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate, with the latter letting players play the game a full four days ahead of its October 3 release date. The Ultimate Edition will also have the Car Pass included. That apart, more
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Remember in the later days of the Xbox 360, when Microsoft introduced that white interface for the home menu? People like me who have some nostalgia for that experience are going to be happy with the new update for the Xbox One. In a talk about the Xbox One X during Gamescom, it was let loose that the new interface for the Xbox One X will be introducing a brand new Light Mode. Just like you more
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The long-awaited day has finally arrived, and the Xbox One X, which Microsoft repeatedly notes is the most powerful console in the world, is finally available to pre-order. To celebrate Microsoft has released a special edition of the device, the Project Scorpio version, keeping the now iconic code name alive for a bit longer. The box for the console resemble the original Xbox, it features more
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