Summer has officially started, and you know what that means — it’s time to indulge in dozens of deeply discounted PC games (and go bankrupt in the process), as the annual Steam Summer Sale strikes again. Steam has officially kicked off its annual Steam Summer Sale for 2018, and this time around the sale has a theme in the form of “The Intergalactic Summer Sale.” Aside from its space more
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It looks like Epic Games is gearing up for something big in Fortnite. Countdown clocks, red skulls, villain bases and more have been the talk of the Fortnite community for a few days now. Let’s start at the top. When the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite launched last week, players noticed a countdown clock shown on in-game TVs in red letters. The countdown only appeared on the Switch more
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After its reveal during E3 2018 last week, Trials Rising got a bit more information on what to expect from the latest entry in the motorcycle physics game, with new footage and a developer interview from PlayStation’s live show at E3 being released on the upcoming game. One of the first things noted on during the interview was the return of the popular Track Editor, also found in previous more
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Fortnite has had a battle pass available for players to purchase which allows them to earn cosmetic rewards in game by gaining XP. Now, Rocket League is bringing a similar system known as the Rocket Pass, but there are some differences in the way it works. Players can opt for either a Free Rocket Pass or the Premium Rocket Pass. You will be able to earn customization items even with the Free more
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Fortnite may have taken its mantle as the most popular game in the world, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has continued to do exceptionally well regardless. PUBG Corp today announced that the game has hit 50 million units of sales across the PC and Xbox One versions (which are both paid versions), and a total playerbase of 400 million across all platforms- this includes the iOS and Android more
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Electronic Arts made two relevant announcements during the Battlefield V reveal at EA Play 2018. One was the upcoming Battle Royale mode, and the other was the lack of paid DLC besides cosmetics. During an interview at EA Play, DualShockers talked with Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson, who provided more insight on both points. Speaking of the Battle Royale mode, which will come post-launch, more
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If you still play Ark: Survival Evolved and you want some new content to sink your teeth into, then it’s your lucky day. Today, developer and publisher Studio Wildcard released a brand new in-game event, titled ARKaeology, and it gives players just that. While the event doesn’t reward players with a ton of new content, it does allow them to earn some new cosmetic items, including a more
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While the Nintendo Switch has had its security cracked, nefarious folk hoping to pirate games through it might be out of luck. Late last month it was announced that the Nintendo Switch had been successfully hacked – and the hack was one which it wouldn’t be possible for Nintendo patch out with a system update. That led to fears that piracy of games might soon be running rampant on the more
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Ever since the original PlayStation, Sony’s “Greatest Hits” lineup of games has always been a way for players to experience some of the best games on each system for a low price. With the PlayStation 4, however, the “Greatest Hits” series has been noticeably absent. That all changes as Sony have announced the “PlayStation Hits,” which is essentially the same thing, except on the more
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Quake Champions, id Software’s competitive arena-style FPS, is free-to-play for an additional week. Bethesda announced during its E3 2018 Showcase Quake Champions would be free-to-play all week. Now, the company has extended the period for another week. The Quake Champions free trial will now run through June 25. Players will still be limited to the Ranger, we assume. Those who enjoy more
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