Everspace 2’s draw of being able to explore the fully open and vast expanses of outer space is a fascinating one, and hopefully, it’ll back that up with some stellar sights to see for its players. And hopefully, those sights will sport some truly impressive tech. At least as far as the game’s Xbox One X and PS4 Pro release is concerned, developers Rockfish Games are looking to hit some more
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SIE Bend Studio have been regularly releasing new updates for their open world title Days Gone, but obviously, they’ve got other, bigger projects in the pipeline as well. While it’s going to be a while yet before we find out what their next game is and when it’ll be out – given how recently Days Gone released – we do know for sure that it’s in development. That’s according to the more
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Borderlands 3 players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC won't have to rely on world drops for much longer, as Gearbox has confirmed that dedicated drops are coming to the madcap, post-apocalyptic looter-shooter soon. As you may know, this gameplay feature was missing at launch, much to the dismay of the game's players who come to the zany shooter for the best loot. However, Gearbox is righting this wrong more
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Regardless of what one thinks of the Epic Games Store (and there are a lot of strong opinions there), everyone likes good deals. Right now Epic has gotten just a bit of a leg up on the annual Halloween Steam sale with a sale of their own to celebrate the spooky holiday with some solid sale prices. The sale includes several games, most with highlights on the horror side of things with the like more
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Xbox Game Pass users are playing not only more games, but a wider variety of genres as well. I have long been a champion for Xbox Game Pass. I feel that it is the best deal in gaming right now. The service has let me try more games that I normally wouldn’t and actually buy more games on my Xbox. It looks like I am not the only one. Per, the [email protected] lead Agostino more
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PC players can begin preparing for their intergalactic adventure with the full PC specs for The Outer Worlds. With just a week to go until its release, anticipation couldn’t be much higher for the upcoming The Outer Worlds. We’ve already seen that the game will offer a vast, humorous galaxy to explore, and ahead of its debut in the next week, PC players can check out what they’ll need in more
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Microsoft has been toying with the design of the Xbox One dashboard over the past few months, starting with the removal of the tabs known as Twists. Until now, those have been replaced with four buttons that offer the same features, but that could change in the future, as Microsoft is now conducting another set of experiments for the Xbox One dashboard. Previously, these experiments were more
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Respawn's initial work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has now wrapped nearly a month before launch. With a little less than a month left before the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the team at Respawn Entertainment today announced that the game has now officially gone gold. Respawn divulged the new today via the studio’s official Twitter account that included a picture of the more
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Now is the time to try your hand at strategic monarchy simulator Crusader Kings 2. In celebration of Paradox Interactive’s PDXCon 2019, Crusader Kings 2 is currently free on Steam. Launched in 2012, Crusader Kings 2 takes place in Medieval Europe from the 11th to 15th century – an era of frustrated kings, fragmented kingdoms, and, er, marrying your cousin. It isn’t clear how long the more
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Microsoft started taking sign-ups for its Project xCloud game streaming service about three weeks ago, and it started sending out invitations to test it earlier this week. While the original plan was to start with a small group of testers, the company says that community feedback has been so overwhelming that it's sending out more invites today. At this time, Project xCloud requires that you more
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