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Finally received the "SUPPORTER" Badge after waiting a week but still haven't received my shirt. But thankfully Im adding 1 more badge to my list and hopefully many more in the future. But to make things short thank you Sean for selling more t-shirts to the community. Congratz to everyone else who got the badge and hope everyone loves their shirts.

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to Wizard For This Useful Post:

King (12-24-2016), RepBandit (12-02-2016), dah (12-02-2016), Adamu (12-02-2016), Mickers (12-02-2016), 935 (12-02-2016), Skates (12-02-2016), TinderJr (12-02-2016), StrangerThings (12-01-2016), Eli (12-01-2016)
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Wish I could give him my money in 22 minutes but it usually doesn't deposit till 3

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Congrats on the supporter badge! Keep up the good work!
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  • Winter Giveaway
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I spend my money on Christmas gifts
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  • Winter Giveaway
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Congrats and thanks for supporting the site.

See you in the shoutbox.

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  • Summer Giveaway
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Congratz man! Love u m8 <3
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Sweet dude! Enjoy the shirt, thanks for helping support TTG. <3
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How do you get the supporter badge ?
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  • Merry Christmas!
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congrats on the badge..

thanks for supporting the community man
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  • Merry Christmas!
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Welcome to the very big club pal

Well done
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