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  • Merry Christmas!
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Just looking for something to watch that I haven't seen. Will rep whichever movie I choose!
I am into Comedy!
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Tucker & Dale vs Evil.... Funniest shit ever.
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My Name Is Earl

Two favorites lol.
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The 100 is a good series to watch, I know it's not a movie.
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Anger Management is a good film also big daddy both have Adam Sandler in it
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I just watched The fundamentals of caring and really enjoyed it, nothing too big budget but it has a good sense of humour about it and its also a bit of a feel good film. Has Paul Rudd in it (Ant Man guy).
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Kid cannabis
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10 Cloverfield lane or The Invitation. HIGHLY recommend both of those .
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Ancxor wroteTucker & Dale vs Evil.... Funniest shit ever.

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cheech and chong if that's on there..
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