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Just managed to do all the capaigns on both games in 1 day on veteran
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I'll move this topic to this forum, but nice man.
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Congrats, not had a chance to try MWR but if it is anything like MW2 veteran you must be a tactical god
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nice bro
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Nice one mate; plan on doing cod 4 on veteran once I finish work, grinding hard lol
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Game much bro loool
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RealGamingTM wroteJust managed to do all the capaigns on both games in 1 day on veteran

I commend you on that. I would get too pissed off and probably break my controller
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Havent even touched any of the campaigns yet. Been grinding multiplayer on both since Im on the side of that. But I may play it later in the future because I heard IW campaign is one of the best.
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mwr campaign is dope, especially on veteran makes it a real challenge
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COD: MWR Had a great single player it was so pretty at times. Good job on Vet!
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