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If iPhone why and what gen do you have
If android why and what type do you have

Me personally iPhone all day every day love it love it love it
I have the iPhone 7
I like apples software iOS is more clean and professional compared to android
My first phone was an android and I did not like it
I started to root it and it was point less really
So iOS ftw what y'all think
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Wish I had an iPhone 7. I have a prepaid ZTE android something. Some $30 phone I got to call my girlfriend when she is at work and I'm at doctors getting treatment. Thing absolutely sucks. Has a crack on the screen and loads slower than a Windows 98 on dial up.
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I currently have an iPhone 6 and I like it. I prefer the iOS system over Andriod because as you said, it's much cleaner and nicer. Plus Jailbreaking is fun.

However, I do love androids because of the customization options. My next phone is probably going to be an s7.
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Iphone 7 for sure..

Currently have a 7 Plus and I love it
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I feel as if Apple is going to take over android
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iPhone all day long... Every phone I have had was an iPhone and I will never change haha
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recent picked up a samsung s7 i love it, i use too be on iphone but found you could do so many more things with android, with apple you're limited too what music and apps you can get unless you buy it
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I love my iPhone, never had a samsung before.
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You can always jailbreak the iPhone
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i would say iphone i think there faster and pretty easy to use
I have iphone se
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