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Title says it all really, this years FIFA is the most scripted in the history of FIFA.

I'm usually boasting a 3 win ratio on FIFA, this year not even a 1 ratio. The gameplay is slow and not fluent, at most parts my players play awful passes for no reason at all, my centrebacks who are pacey get outpaced by forwards who shouldn't etc.

I've honestly just had enough of FIFA's scripting, purely because I have a better team that someone I get AIDS'd

I bought PES on a black friday deal and have been playing it for a couple of days now. It's actually (i thought i'd never say this) better than fifa.

Pes is much more fluent than FIFA this year, there's no scripting and the only thing that PES is lacking is licenses.

Coming from someone who's played FIFA98 - present day including FIFA street 1 & 2 & fifa world cup 2010, PES is now winning on the gameplay front.
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its not like. pes is an awful game.

you think because you have fast centre halfs and more than likely musa up top you should be winning constantly? this years fifa is the best its been for a few years it actually takes skill and time to win games not just crossing it in for every header to score or pass it to one player to sprint around the whole opponents team.

personally i don't believe scripting is in the game these 45th minute and 90th minute goals are purely because people panic and try and rush things and make alot of mistakes just because they overthink.
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This is the kind of post someone that isn't able to adapt and cant be bothered to put the time in will post. Learn how to play the game and stop complaining when its you being crap at it,
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