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Hello my name is Nox Reach, I am the original leader and owner of NoxOrigin. I really wanna get the channel noticed and if you could check it out that would be great. The channel has been inactive btu i hope to bring it back alive.

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Welcome to the site.

Good luck with your channel.

And maybe this forums will help you out.
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Welcome to the site, make sure you post your clan up in the correct spots and I'm sure you will grow!
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Welcome to the site, check out our YouTube forum.
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Welcome to the site and best of luck with your YouTube and clan.
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Thank you all it means a lot, making the commitment is hard but I'm sure that if I work hard enough I will grow.
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Welcome to ttg!
Read the rules and stay active!
GL with YouTube and your clan
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Welcome to the site, Good luck on your channel. Check out the YouTube forum! And PM Me for any help or assistance you may need.
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Welcome to the site.

Good luck on your YouTube channel!
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Welcome to this site dude, stay active and see you around the forums.
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