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Hey everyone,

This is my "Christmas Giveaway" for the community!

Since I have become more active on TheTechGame, I have seen tons and tons of "Gold Giveaways". Well I want to do something a little different seeing as how the Christmas holidays are coming up. Something that will not only benefit you as being an awesome member on this site, but as you as a person! I will be giving away TWO TheTechGame T-Shirts to two very lucky people!

I will be Purchasing:
1x White TheTechGame T-Shirt
1x Black TheTechGame T-Shirt

I figure, why gift people something that can only be recognized by other members within the site?

Why not gift people something that can be recognized out side of TheTechGame, something the community can recognize?

So with that being said, I will be sending off two shirts to two different individuals as my gratitude for you guys making this site so awesome. Without you guys this site wouldn't be what it is today, Amazing!

How To Enter:

Each member must state what colour shirt they would like to enter into draw, along with telling us what your favourite thing about TheTechGame is!

I will be drawing a number from a "Random Number Generator". This number will go from 1 to how ever many comments are on the thread by the closing date!

If you are the Lucky Winner:

I will message you privately asking which shirt size you would like. And I will have the shirt ordered and delivered to your house!

I just want to say again how happy I am to be apart of this amazing site, and I hope I can make this holiday a little more exciting for you guys!

Draw Ends: December 5th and 12th 2016 @5:00pm PST


May the luckiest person win!

TheTechGame Christmas Giveaway Funds:

Rep and Thank are Optional and Greatly appreciated! Thank you Everyone

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i would like the black version of the shirt. My favorite thing about ttg is the community and how helpful everyone is
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First thanks for doing this awesome giveaway.

I would like to enter for the black shirt.

My favorite part about this site is the shoutbox.

Good luck to everyone who enters.

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thanks for doing this man! appreciate it!
white one please bro!!!
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Thanks for the opportunity dude. I'll enter for a white shirt

I love TTG because of how great of a community this is.

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I'll enter for it in black thanks bro.
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Common guys you gotta say what you love about TheTechGame!
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I would love a black one, my favorite thing about TTG is helping out the community and help solving problems.
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Lube-or-Nah wroteThis is awesome. Would love to be part of this.

Question, can we comment like once a day or something until the deadline or only once all together?
you can comment more than once!
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Black shirt. And my favorite thing is that I got a place where I can talk to people as I don't have much friend's off of here
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