UFCDoes Jose Aldo deserve a shot next? (UFC)Posted:

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In my opinion Jose Aldo should've got an immediate rematch after his 13 second TKO loss to McGregor. He held the belt for 10 years. I get it, its all about the money fight but sometimes people deserve it.

What do you guys think?
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I also think he should have got the rematch. But as for whats going on now i think it is complete an utter nonsense.
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He should definitely get a rematch. 10 years undefeated and makes one mistake, he should be allowed to correct it.

There'd be loads of hype around the fight too and a lot of money involved.
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Even though I don't like him he did have the title longer than anyone in the division, he should have received a re-match right away since fighters in other divisions have..
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I would to see that match. All depends if McGregor wants his belt back.
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He was asked for a re match but jose declined earlier in the year.
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I doubt Conor would ever go back to 145, and nor does he need to now that his featherweight belt was stripped and given to Jose Aldo.

Tbh for me it's #khabibtime. Time for someone to end the hype.
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