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Okay, so say If you was to win £5-6 Million, What Would You Spend All of the money on?
If i was to win the money I would get a nice house in my home town. I would not move out of the town where I grew up as i was born here and this place means alot. I would buy some fancy cars, Donate Abit to a charity like Cancer Research. Pay everything off and Live my life.

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Would probably drop out of Uni and do some investing, buy a house and new car for sure.
Maybe move somewhere warm because Canada is cold af.
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I would leave it in the bank for a few days to make sure it's real lol.

I would then buy the things I actually need, and perhaps put a large percentage into making my dream business so that I'm actually still working and not on my ass all day!
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Play it smart, Invest The Money For Future Purposes.

and then
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I would buy a nice beach house and a s2k.
Some materialistic things like clothes and pc stuff.
Then invest the rest, buy some houses and rent them out.
I would just try to double what I won efficiently after spoiling myself a bit.
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Pay off my medical bills that amount to more than $10,000.
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Give it to the homeless
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Buy buy in my town and build a house. I wouldn't want to leave here. Build the house, a pool, and set land off to the side for anything in the future.

Would also spend money on a huge wedding. Buy some nice cars, donate some, save whatever is left over.
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I'd buy a nice sized house for myself and many other little houses which I can rent out to have a good guaranteed monthly income. I'd also keep some of it in the bank for interest and I'd be able to buy pointless shit that I wouldn't normally buy like expensive clothes and a decent car.
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Lets say £5m.

1m into house and cars.

500k-750k into any investments I might want in the future / my business idea of using non-Newtonian fluids for clothing.

~3.5m to use 50k as annual budget for myself that would have a chance to expand dependant on any income for jobs/ investments.

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