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Okay so I'm probably going to receive some hate for saying this and that's okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so please respect mine as I respect yours.

I started playing Call of Duty back in early 2008 on Playstation. I didn't dive into multi-player until Modern Warfare 2 but I did in fact play both Call of Duty 4&5. I loved all the games. They were fun and interesting and provided me with a new hobby and drive for competition as I hoped it would.

Fast forward to 2013...and Call of Duty Ghosts came out. I for one..was disappointed. I was. And my reason was not so much becasue of gameplay mechanics or spawns etc...but more so that the incentive to play was gone for me. Where's the unique aspect of this game? Where is the franchise going? There's only so many eras and quite frankly..I did not want another Modern Warfare title.

Advanced Warfare comes...and I immediately found a new reason to play. The game was different. It had new mechanics in regards to jumping and shifting..which didn't kill the game for me. I didn't have a problem with being in the air for a mere two seconds within a 10 minute game.

Here's where I'm probably going to receive the most hate or whatever...

I enjoy supply drops. Well, I enjoy earning something that not everyone has. In the previous titles...it felt like everyone had the same thing I had. Supply drops make me want to play the game more. Ive never bought supply drops simply becasue it's pointless..but I don't really have a problem with the system. When it comes to rarity...the rarer it is...the harder it should be to get.

There's the jealousy aspect when it comes to these things. I want what someone else has...so I want to keep playing until I get it. Someone probably feels the same about me.

The game just doesn't seem to get old to me.

Don't get me wrong...I love MWR. I do. But every game, there's the obvious classes, and you know what I'm talking about. The game is great...but after spending hours upon hours years back...there's no drive for me to play. Why am I doing this? To show I don't like Infinite Warfare? I did this already. Why do it again just to prove a point to the people I already gave my money to?

It's no secret everyone doesn't enjoy the fast movement system in the last three instalments ..but personally ..it brings something different. Not saying it should ALWAYS be like this...but right now... I'm content with it. If Sledgehammer makes a complete boots on the ground game..I shall support it. I'll play it anyways because now it's something different. It's back to the original mechanics...but I can't get my hopes up becasue I despise the last boots on the ground game that we were given.

If it was too long and you don't feel like reading all...here's a summary..

I have no incentive to play MWR. I did everything I wanted to do when I started playing online along with the other games. It's great..it really is...but I'm not trying to spend hours getting smacked by M16s with SP or whatever.
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I don't blame you its kinda hard to get into MWR its just a recycled game. It's hard to want to max it out like the original because its nothing really new.

They're both ok games if you ask me but if you're gunna buy IW and MWR just for MWR then its kind of a waste of money tbh.
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To be honest, both games are ok in my opinion. MWR because yes its a throwback and it was probably the best if not one of the best CODs to be released. but infinite warfare is just as good, maybe not just as good as MWR when it first came out for the 360 but now since the hype has died down for the re-release and stuff. I'm starting to really enjoy infinite warfare a lot more than what I expected. but yes, everyone has their own opinion, some will agree, some will disagree.
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Well cod 4 remastered seems a bit pointless to play on PC, considering you can play the original without having to switch platforms (going from next gen to old gen for one game). So I mean I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel the same way and thats one of the reasons why I dont like remastered games. Like Skyrim, ive already played Skyrim so whats the point in the new version? Especially since on PC there is already an HD pack you can download for free.

On supply drops, I like those type of things too but not when they are implemented as microtransactions, microtranscations kill the gaming "community". In the current state of the gaming I dont think we need more games with MT.

As for Infinte Warfare, I dont think its a matter of the game being bad that people are upset about. I think its more so that this game is PROOF that some game devs really dont give a **** about their consumers... this is PROOF that game devs dont give a shit about you, you being the buyer and thats sad... real sad.
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That's probably because there is less buckets of sweat on there than MWR.
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Oh no MWR all the way.

I just love the old school cods way more than this new generation shit.
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I love IW Man.

Even though some of the stuff is BS still got to get it.
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No one would hate on you for a personal opinion man!

Although i am like the majority as i prefer MWR.
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That was honestly a good read. I like your opinion it was well put out there. But I am on the other side of you I love modern warfare remastered. I don't like the boost jump cods and I hated advanced warfare.
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