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Well Ive been on TTG for 5 years, and just now hit 500 post. I know its pretty bad, but I go back and forth. Id like to thank my boy Blends for being him. Also ty to everyone who wished me a baby birthday.

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Congrats man
See you at 800 and 1k

Have some rep for your posts man
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Congrats on hitting 500 posts! Hope you become more active
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Congrats on hitting 500 posts!
See you at 800 ;)
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Congrats on 500 posts.

See you at TTG Master soon.

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Grats dude, hopefully i'll be there tomorrow!
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So thats 100 Posts a year right haha? Anyways congrats!! Let's see you at 1k within the next 5 years
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Congrats See You @ Senior.
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Gratz on 500 posts. See you at Senior in 5 years jk. Gratz man.
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Congrats bro, good luck at getting 1k.
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