AdviceWhat y'all think of this build?Posted:

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Through this together. Built a pc before and **** up completely on the parts I put together. Hoping this one looks better.
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i like the build but it would be smart to wait for kaby lake and you should consider getting an ssd not just an hdd unless you already have an ssd you can get windows free by using the windows media tool it'll give you windows 10 but it wont be activated but thats easy to do, i wouldnt water cool thats just my opinion of course like i said it would be smarter to wait for the next intel versions but the build you put is nice imo
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It's not terrible, but it's not good. This would be much better;

This cooler is a fraction of the price for similar performance but less noise. Better matching RAM. A nice big SSD since that's a necessity for this budget, and your 2TB HDD. GTX 1080 is not worth the premium over the GTX 1070. Motherboard and PSU support SLI so you can easily add a 2nd GTX 1070 at any point if you wish. Better case. The P400 is still a budget cases but it's a better option than the S340. If you can spend the extra $30 or so for an Enthoo Pro in black or white, that would be a better quality case, but the P400 is still a good option. M45 is a great mouse, I love mine but at $70+ it's over-priced. The M65 PRO is a better choice, and is RGB. I also included a Strafe RGB keyboard for you, better than the K65. I included much better speakers, and a significantly better monitor. 1440p, 144Hz, and IPS.
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