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If you would like to stay up to date with everything going on, I will be posting on my wall due to member/members being butthurt over me posting here.

So I am back home out of surgery. They found a lot of different things. Some serious, some super serious and some not so serious things. I've only been told some things but I've been told it isn't looking that good. The doctor said he will call me back to the hospital on the 7th, will full results but said we will end up scheduling a second serious surgery to start removing things.

Thank you everyone for the continuous support. It has really been helping me through is tough and tragic time. I love you guys.

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When I can't eat for a long time I find chewing gum helps alot.

Gl with it.
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Just try not to think about food. Distract yourself somehow, Or try sleeping haha

Ps: Goodluck kylo
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Make sure to drink a lot of water
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Chewing gum. If your surgery allows you to drink water before (some dont) drink lots of water.

I know when I need to go into surgery 2 months back I need to fast for 24 hours due to the length and area of surgery but could have water. Water is perfect since it will keep you hydrated but can be filling at the same time.

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Water and chewing gum sounds a good idea.
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Have been drinking tons of water but not chewing gum. I will try that. Thanks guys!
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Sucking sweets, gum, something which gives of flavour. Good luck man, PM me when it's finished </3
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Apart from chewing gum and drinking lots of water you could try distracting yourself by playing some videogames or watching a series on Netflix.
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Just play your favourite game. You will most likely forget about food.
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