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On to 10k, leggo

The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to Pryzel For This Useful Post:

RepBandit (10-19-2016), BPM (10-19-2016), Mickers (10-19-2016), Rodent_Modz (10-19-2016), Xbox (10-19-2016), Jay (10-19-2016)
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Gratz on 5k posts man. Hopefully someone will pick up on Dylan's Gold Member Watch List and gift you gold Keep up the work man. See you at the next one.
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Congrats on 5,000 posts.

Good luck with reaching your other TTG goals.

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Congrats on the 5k posts pryzel
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Congrats man. I'll be there in no time!
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You are still alive wow,

Miss you Priz.

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  • Christmas!
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Congrats buddy!

For the occasion!
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BPM wroteCongrats buddy!

For the occasion!

Thanks mate appreciate it!

I'd normally upvote the comment but no way I'm upvoting the scum.
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It's good seeng you
Haven't seen you around much

Miss your face!

Have some rep sir
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Congrats on 5000 posts and becoming a 3 year member at TheTechGame
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