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So, what is your view on full-capital usernames?
I had plenty in the past myself.
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Don't mind them if the person who has the name likes it
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Ehh, it just depends who likes them. I personally do not like them unless the username i like it looks better full cap
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I like short capital usernames like,
CEVES. Just an example don't judge

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Not really a fan but it depends on the name.
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It does stand out just a bit too me
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Usually don't mind, it helps you stand out some lol
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In my view I think it helps stand out, but I have never owned a full cap username cuz im not a fan of it
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Personally I don't like them.
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I like them personally. Generally speaking it shows someone's age real quick. If their name is in ALL CAPS or C4pS NuMb3Rs N L3773Rs, that tells me that they are probably younger or less mature. It's not always right, but it's a quick way to tell lol.

past that, if you like it, go for it.
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