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Hey all, been here for 3 long years, knew the site way before i joined. But this account is 3 years old now. Super exciting plan to be here until the downfall and even after. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for keeping such an amazing site going as well as all the members that help out. I appreciate everyone so I do not want a specific thank list, if you're reading this, thank you, you are a wonderful person!

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Congratulations Kylo, hope to see you at 4 years!
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congrats on 3 years!
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good job on being here this long buddy
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Congrats bud hope to see you active a lot
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Congrats on 3 years, keep staying active. Here's to many more!
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Congrats on the achievement man
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Congrats homie and just keep killing it in the site I see you everywhere
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Congrats on your three years on this site. See you at 4 years sometime soon
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Congrats on 3 years at the site.

Hope to see you around for many more.

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