Giveawaydah is gifting gold. Post to enter. [ Gifting 25 members ]Posted:

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Gifting 25 lucky members

Tell me why you want gold?

Gifting 25 people 25/25

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oup looks like im not in
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Count me in man, I would love to win more gold. I am a very active member, always participating in posts, helping other people, and recently just got an RGH and will be opening a shop. Having gold makes you look and stand out a little more when doing things like that. Thank you for the chance and good luck everyone.
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I would love some gold. Thanks for doing this

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I would love more gold

I am quite active around TheTechGame and I help out where I can also I have gifted gold to a few members before.

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Granted, I haven't been the most active recently, but with gold I'd have motivation to come back to the site daily so I can help others like I used to love doing. Thanks for this opportunity
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I could use some more gold. As my days count down I get more excited. I want to keep it so i am happy and get on everyday to try and help some people with their questions. I often host cod4 and [email protected] modded lobbies everyday because the modding community has recently died down and i am usually the only one hosting.
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Pick me
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So because I don't have a avatar your saying I'm inactive?

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Zynx666 wrotePick me

Stop crap posting in your life and actually read what I wrote for the rules. God damn it. Saying "pick me" doesn't really show why you want gold. pleb
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