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Cayo Perico SOLO Gold Exploit

Patience is necessary, but the guidance to follow is very simple.

Follow these steps for the best results, like any recipe ;)

1- Start a Cayo Perico finale with Kosatka as the approach and the Drainage tunnel as the means of entry.

2- (1:14)Using this Entry point you will start at the base of some stairs, Proceed up those stairs Murdering to death the guard to the right, Quietly.

3-(1:38) Follow the patio to a grass area with a pedestal (We will be using this soon) Murder the 2nd guard to death using stealth to provide a quiet space to do the wall glitch (You need not murder the guards but one, why not and two it saves getting caught)

4- (1:56) Carefully, I can not stress this enough, carefully shoot the base of the pedestal once. The lady is very fragile, i can not tell you how many times i rushed in shooting her and i hit the middle and poof, it snapped. Once you have done this, switch to 1st person and move the pedestal to the wall across from its base.

5- (2:19) Now the fun starts, using the for mentioned patience, move the pedestal to a upright position, you can use the bullet hole as a marker for the base. ( It will only stand on one end)

6- (2:42) Once you have the pedestal upright and against the wall as in the video, you are ready. Carefully stand as close as possible to the stone and press climb ( X Button on Xbox) and as you do this look to the right and turn right at the same time.

If the glitch has worked just before you will see your hands as you attempt to climb the pedestal. This is time consuming but once done a few times you can do it in one or two go's and get the pedestal in place pretty fast. Ive done a full run in about 6-7 mins so the wall breach didnt slow the time much if at all.

Have fun, if stuck message in the comments and ill get back to you


0:00 Star Wars "GTA Wars intro"

1:24 - We begin with some friendly murder

1:38 - Dash past target, to silence one more guard

1:56 - Very, Very carefully shoot base of pedestal

2:19 - Re-Positioning the pedestal

2:42 - Breach! Press right on both analogue sticks as you climb
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