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Welcome To Scrandle's Warzone Wins! The hacker applies a strong aimbot and ESP wall hacks with many other hacks. This service only has a high-risk ban towards the Host. The Ban Rate is rare for other people in a lobby when an aimbotter is present! Hope everyone enjoys these lobbies as much as the Host has fun hosting..

Info about Service
Aimbot, ESP, and multiple other hacks will be adjusted to {on}.

Battle Royale & Rebirth Resurgence wins is available for purchase.

Rest Assured, If the Host is banned post-game, than the Host will simply get another account online with ease.


Battle Royale
Daily Prices
1 Win - $5
3 Wins - $13.50
5 Wins - $20

Weekly Deal
20 Wins - $70

Rebirth Resurgence
Daily Prices
1 Win - $3
3 Wins - $8
5 Wins - $12
10 Wins - $20

Weekly Deal
40 Wins - $70

Host Rules & Obligations
Before Purchasing, I will contact with you the best time slots available. We will have an pre-agreement on time(s).

After Purchasing, We will complete the wins within the time slot or issue Full Refund towards buyer.

If Buyer is Too Toxic to play with /etc, Host is permitted to kick without Refund.

If you somehow go Ghost on us before completing the tasks, than come back at another time, don't expect a refund.

If something happens out of our hands, we will follow up with the best solution depending on the situation. Please be considerate.

Do Not Ask Host For Any Socials / Extras or be at risk of being BANNED From All Future Lobbies


How To Attend
Private Message ONLY
(You will not get an response on this Post!!)

Payment Method
CashApp ONLY

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