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With Full Gear coming up on November 13, All Elite Wrestling has been all hands on deck to prepare for the pay-per-view.

The ongoing AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament continued this week with Bryan Danielson taking on Eddie Kingston in the semifinals.

Rampage got into the Halloween spirit when the twisted Abadon took on the AEW women's world champion, Britt Baker.

We also saw Matt Sydal take on Dante Martin for the third time. Was Lio Rush able to help his new protege get the win? Who advanced to the finals of the world title tourney? Did Abadon eat Baker's soul?

Let's take a look at everything from Friday's episode of Rampage to find out the answers.

Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston,h_533,c_fill/br-img-slides/004/483/873/de77dda4c098eb36e42a79b218190efa_crop_exact.jpg

AEW kicked off this week's Rampage with the semifinal bout in the World Championship Eliminator Tournament between Danielson and Kingston.

They took their time feeling each other out before they finally started to trade strikes. Danielson drove him out of the ring and Kingston threw a chair in frustration. The crowd seemed split between them as they squared off to dueling chants.

They exchanged kicks and chops in the corner in a display of one-upmanship. The American Dragon got the upper hand and began to focus on Kingston's arm to set him up for a submission.

The Mad King nailed a dropkick to give himself a little breathing room before he hit a neckbreaker for a two-count. He kept control throughout the commercial and continued to keep Danielson on defense with a side suplex and a modified dragon sleeper.

The American Dragon hit a huge back suplex from the top turnbuckle to turn things around. As he tried to apply a submission, Kingston countered with a DDT. They started slapping the taste out of each other's mouths as they got to their feet. Each strike was more intense than the last.

After several elbows to the head and a triangle submission, Danielson scored the win. He was unable to get to his feet to celebrate right away due to the brutality he suffered.

Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal,h_533,c_fill/br-img-slides/004/483/913/44c7109a32e3f6f3d7842b0d63d13aa8_crop_exact.jpg

For the first time in this trilogy, Rush accompanied Martin to the ring for his match against Sydal. They shook hands before locking up as a sign of respect.

They tried a couple of takedowns before Martin started to build some momentum with a springboard dropkick. The 20-year old superstar had control as the show went to a break, but Sydal was able to get in some offense when it went to picture-in-picture.

They kept going back and forth with neither man able to keep the upper hand for more than a minute. Every time one of them started to build up a head of steam, the other found a way to stop them in their tracks.

Rush threw some words of encouragement at Martin as Sydal set him up for a jumping hurricanrana in the corner. Martin hit a flip into a cutter followed by a double springboard moonsault for the win.

Abadon vs. Britt Baker,h_533,c_fill/br-img-slides/004/483/914/4ca0f293d873250ed5ff1e13ff96ab52_crop_exact.jpg

The final match of the evening was a No. 1 Contender's Trick or Treat Fight. If Abadon was able to beat the champ, she would earn a title shot in the future.

Abadon screamed in Baker's face to scare her to the apron. Jamie Hayter and Rebel tried to give her some encouragement before Abadon took her down.

Baker had her minions set up a table at ringside as the show cut to a commercial. We returned to see Abadon wedge a chair in the corner. Baker blocked the impact and sent Abadon's face into it for a two-count.

Baker hit a swinging neckbreaker off the apron onto the table, but it didn't break and they ended up hitting the floor hard. Baker suplexed Abadon onto the table but it still didn't break.

Abadon slammed DMD onto a pile of thumbtacks for a close two-count. Baker was going to use the Lockjaw but Abadon bit her hand until Hayter and Rebel interfered. Baker rolled her up onto the tacks for the win while she was dealing with Rebel.

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