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What's good people, Thought i'd try and recruit some members for my FiveM server here.

Here you can find some information about what we have included, we are recruiting Metropolitan Police, NHS, Mechanics...&MORE! Many business opportunities available, from running a gang to being a Lawyer. Only you decide how you live your life in the City of MMRP.

Join our exciting new Serious RP British Based City!
MoneyMovesRP is a British Based City, full of exciting RP opportunities. The city is built by a community who have played in other popular servers, and have come together to create an immersive, equal experience for all players. Although our city is fairly new and growing, we have a clear 'road map' to continue introducing popular and custom scripts.
Within the city limits of Los Santos, you will see the Metropolitan Police from the UK patrolling the streets, alongside NHS (UK healthcare) hospitals and the London Fire Brigade. Multiple car dealerships, restaurants, entertainment venues and mechanics also make up a lot of the player-run operations within the city. Venturing further into Blaine County, you will find the BCSO on patrol, with their American themed sheriff vehicles and laws.
We are looking for people willing to give great RP, and to develop their Characters and RP within a serious community looking to grow. Streamer friendly and with a development/admin team who are always open to suggestions, and who are constantly willing to discuss the future of the city.
What you will find in MMRP:
.Metropolitan Police
.Sheriff's Office
.Fire Services
.Tow Companies
.Dave & Busters Arcade
.Restaurants / Takeaways
.Department of Corrections
.Department of Justice
.MMRP Performance Car Centre
.MMRP Import Dealership
.Drift Community
.Businesses waiting for owners!
.Multiple Drug Businesses
.Multiple Robbery Options
.A team who values equality and fairness for everyone in the city and within the community
If you have ANY questions about the city, please reach out and ask away!

Thanks for reading!
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