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My computer (2015 Lenovo Ideapad Y700, GTX 960M graphics, 8 GB (DDR4?) RAM and a super slow HDD that drives me absolutely insane), is getting a bit old, and is actually falling apart at the seems (all the screw are officially gone, only the snaps holding it in place, the power jack does not even stay in place as of yesterday).

The build quality has always been terrible, power cords have been a particular problem (I have bought 9 for this particular PC, usually 2 or 3 per PC, but all of them have this terrible rectangular design that does not allow the cord to swivel in place and stick out horizontally from the computer).

I'm ready for a change (though I do wonder hardware wise, if I got some new RAM and an SSD, how this machine would perform. I live between 2 and 3 places (one being a dorm at school) so if I have a Desktop, it has to be a secondary computer, or potentially a portable. It kills me to see the relatively low prices of fairly good desktop components, and the notion of not having to deal with power cord PTSD anymore gives me great pleasure, but unfortunately, it looks like I need to have a laptop.

Fun fact:

My friend had the Y700 that came out before mine, and his screen fell out of its housing... I had the choice between 2 machines with equal specs, one (an ASUS) with clearly better build quality, and this one, which I knew had at 5 GB of GDDR... my screen tried to fall out too :O Was this a bad decision? Would I still be able to play games in 2021 without the 5 GB of GDDR? Did the other laptop have 5 GB of GDDR and just not list it? The world may never know.

Part of me wonders if I should just stick it out for my senior year, I hate to buy a laptop now if I could just wait it out.

Regardless, one scenario I am thinking is that I should get a mid range laptop capeable of some gaming, then buy a refurbished desktop from a university or something and slowly upgrade it.

In this scenario, I am trying to figure out what my game plan is, do I go for an iGPU/APU, or do I still want to use dedicated graphics. I am not looking to run many AAA titles, but I would like to run:

- Space Engineers (probably the toughest requirement)
- Starbase (If I get it?)
- Starship Evo
- Factorio
- Satisfactory
- A Hat In Time
- Age of Empires III Definitive Edition
- Halo Wars DE?

Development Software:
- Docker... lots of docker containers
- Numpy scripts
- Would prefer to do do some Vulkan and compute work
- VSCode or other IDE (... not with constant stalling)

Other Uses:
- I am a CS & Physics student, so I will run some simulations
- I will also create some simulations

Some of the scientific applications could possibly be offloaded to a remote desktop server

But Docker is a big requirement, I want to base my entire development environment off of Docker.

Any suggestions? Particularly for the laptop bit. Can I go with an iGPU/APU. I have been very interested in the Steam Deck but
- It does not come out until 2022
- It is not great for being in class and note taking/coding

I would also like to run linux. I would prefer to get my PC from a retailer on this list [Minimum post requirement for links] (I live in the U.S) or something that supports core boot.
I am also considiring the framework (given an iGPU fits my needs [Minimum post requirement for links] apparently last years Intel Iris Xe is better than my current dGPU )

Prefer <= approx. 1000$

To break it down:
- Do you think I am saving any money by getting a just-ok PC and slowly building up a desktop?
- Should I wait
- Can an iGPU/APU meet my needs (dont need the highest settings, med is good)
- Any suggestions on laptops

I would post to the "Build a PC" thread but you cant really build a laptop

Userbench Bencmark (while running FireFox): [Minimum post requirement for links]
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Look into an Dell XPS. Great laptop. You can get an XPS 13 for near around your budget or spend a bit more for the 15.
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