ModdingLooking for reverse engineer to help modify specific file(s)

ModdingLooking for reverse engineer to help modify specific file(s)Posted:

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I have binary packed file likely containing a series of if/then action statements if decoded and unpacked to modify. I know what to seek for within the file, I need assistance in unpacking, decompiling and repacking/compiling the contents.e.g. There's a bunch like:

If a Target has < 30% Health :: Do This Action

Do this Action on them (Fire magic)and so on.I plan to understand more and modify these 'if/then-esque' game-target statements to something a little more unique.
I've attached the relative file. I'd like to work along with to reach goal
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section_007.bin is packed inside of battle_pack.bin
That file holds the majority of the games integral workings. I have the tool that unpacks battle_pack into sections, along with the tables for editing it's sections in real-time during runtime (in-game).

Seciton_007.bin is the key file to crack open from battle_pack.bin.

Next, you are correct, gambits are indeed customizable.

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In the table, we see section 7 (the file we have) contents the gambits, and conditions.

Using this table as reference we can perform tasks to edit section 007 in GUI (if possible) and edit those values like in the cheat engine table.

Furthermore, get the parameter values for the game controller button prompts. (like XYAB key on the controller) The goal is to modify the Target/Trigger condition (and parameters) to execute on button/key prompt (in a GUI if possible).

So like:

Trigger Condition reads:

If "X" button is pressed on controller, trigger this condition.

If "CTRL" button is pressed on keyboard, trigger this condition.

translated to keyboard keystroke.

The goal is to reverse the structure of the available gambits and yes, goal is to create a method of custom "gambits" injection and create GUI mod kit for editing these binaries of the game. The GUI is to be created by us for the purpose of editing these binaries without restriction.

And furthermore, decompile any remaining ebp scripts with the same GUI.

The executable using this file is here:
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I'm willing to offer pay as an incentive of interest.
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