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A private program macro for any mouse for playing Rust

The macro fits absolutely any mouse, from simple office ones to gaming ones from popular manufacturers.

Supports work at any sensitivity, field of view (FOV) and resolution.

Rage and legit mod with the ability to customize offsets and recoil control level (0% -100%). There is a regulator for randomization of shooting.

Any scopes and modules on any weapon are supported.
Automatic mod for all semi-automatic weapons.

The software contains such weapons as: AK-47, LR-300, Thompson, MP5A4, Semi Automatic Rifle, Custom SMG, M249, Python, M92 Pistol, M39 Rifle, P250, Revolver.
Convenient switching between weapons and scopes right in the game using custom binds.

There is an automatic weapon detection function that works at any resolution, screen ratio, with all skins, at any graphics and color settings (the function works without being integrated into the game).

The macro adapts to shooting from the hip / sight, while standing / sitting, and when walking in different directions with any weapon.

Tap-fire - this function solves the problem of any macros, you can shoot with cutoffs or quick clicks without losing control over the recoil.

Invisibility - the macro is completely invisible during manual checks, moderation cannot find it on your PC and you do not need to carry out any cleaning of the computer, for which you can be blocked on the mod. servers.

Displaying the menu on top of the game (Works in windowed and borderless modes, the game will be minimized in full screen).

Works with Geforce Now (GFN).

Additional functionality: door spammer, Anti-AFK, password cracking, quick entry of your password, quiet step, graphic sight, Zoom Hack.


Buy macro:

1 day - 2$
7 days - 5$
30 days - 15$
90 days - 25$
180 days - 40$
365 days - 70$

To purchase, please contact me in the private messages of the forum.

System requirements:

- AMD or Intel processor;

- Windows of any versions;

- Stable internet connection;

1. You accept responsibility for compliance with the user agreement of the game on yourself, as well as the risks of a possible ban in case of non-compliance. In this case, the funds spent will not be refunded;

2. It is forbidden to sell your subscription or transfer it to the wrong hands. In this case, it is possible to block the key / subscription without refunding the funds spent;

3. The subscription can be suspended at any time for updating or improving the software by the decision of the developers, in which case there is no refund, and the subscription time will be restored after the update.
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