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Xbox Series X: Looking for an active and established league? Come join the NBA Kings League!

Fantasy Draft/Current Rosters. (Draft date will be decided once league has at least 15 to 20 users. Draft will most likely be on a Friday around 8-9PM EST)
58 Game Season.
Superstar Difficulty.
Updated Rosters as of start date of the league.
8 Minute Quarters.
Full Rookie Draft.

Game Deadlines (Starting the day after draft):
Week 1: At least 5 games played.
Week 2: At least 15 games played.
Week 3: At least 30 games played.
Week 4: At least 45 games played.
Week 5: All games played.
Two (2) consecutive missed deadlines will result in an automatic removal from the league.
If you have an acceptable reason to miss a deadline then just let an admin know ahead of time. If there is an emergency then of course things can be excused.
Trade Deadline will occur at the third deadline.

Be mature please! This is a league for fun. Toxicity won't be permitted.
League will have 2 co-admins decided by amount of activity in the league/discord. (This is so if main admin isn't online to accept trades or reset games co-admins will be able to do so.)
No quitting games.
Don't run up the score in closing minutes if the game is already decided, have courtesy. Last second shot attempts in a game that has been decided is unnecessary -- just hold the ball.
Streaming/archiving games is recommended. This is the easiest way to find out if there are players abusing the system
Do NOT excessively flash pause.
Games affected by lag-outs will be determined by players affected + admin help. If game was out of reach already, team winning will be rewarded. If situation could be argued to still be a winnable game, game can be reset. These situations are up to both players + an admin.
THREE STRIKE rule for breaking the rules.
1st Strike: Verbal Warning.
2nd Strike: Given a loss vs. the team you committed rule break against.
3rd Strike: League removal.
Disputes Between Members:
All disputes MUST be handled via PM. If you believe your opponent is breaking the rules, PM them and tell them what they are doing wrong (specifically if it is a new owner). If you are not comfortable with speaking to the other player then always let an admin know and we will reach out ourselves. The league can not thrive without players policing one another.

Do NOT abuse one play, or the same type of play
Unlike most leagues, on ball defense is NOT REQUIRED. Again, this is a sim league, not a competitive league.
Don't abuse a single player in a game. There will always be games where x player is hot, but don't force things just because the player is a high overall. Work to get good shots for your team.
Don't excessively run fast break. Just because someone is upcourt doesn't mean the ball should always go there. Do it when it makes sense to.
No full court pressing or stealing the ball off inbounds unless its a late game situation where it makes sense. For instance 1 minute left in the game down 5 to 10 points.

A player must play their primary position. If a player is assigned to two (2) positions, that player can only play those positions. If a player is only assigned one position, they can play one position up or down from their position.
For example, Giannis is assigned SF/SG which means he can only play those positions. If you have a guard that is only assigned to a SG he can be moved to PG or SF.
HOWEVER if you want Giannis to bring the ball up the floor and generate the offense, there's a play initiator option in the player edit screen. Use that.

All trades must be approved by an admin
Trading with the CPU is allowed but must be a fair trade determined by league admins. (Trade approval is on)
Trades will be kept to a relative minimum. Not to say that there will be no trades, but trades must be logical.

Badge upgrades must only be used on the player who gets the award.
Player of the week: +3 badge upgrades of choice.
Player of the month: +5 badge upgrades of choice.
League MVP: +10 badge upgrades of choice.
Finals MVP: +10 badge upgrades of choice.
Rookie of the year: +10 badges upgrades of choice.
Defensive player of the year: +10 badge upgrades to defensive badges only.
6th man of the year/Most improved player: +10 badge upgrades of choice.

We will keep communication through Discord. If interested join
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