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Hello everyone, my previous post was locked due to a lack of proof! So, I have decided to fix that by uploading proof here. The first 3 people to contact me from TTG can obtain a free carry service on Tarkov. I will upload more as my post gets "verified" to save myself some time.


You will be in a party with me. That makes raids faster and more loot in less time!

LIVESTREAM (I'll screen share, you will enjoy it and see all stuff which I see
*******, FAST, AND SAFE
Available for EU/USA/RUS regions
Experienced more than 1 year
The most demanded service and safest way to get roubles.
You are good if you don't know this map, we are here to carry you.
You will never be disappointed with my carry service, I promise!
(Price is per one raid)

>>How does Raid Carry (loot runs) work:

1) Write your IGN(game nickname) join in the lobby and wait for an invite.
2) We will leave you in a safe place and keep our eyes on you.
3) We will come to you several times and drop some gear with weapons, I'll tell you when need to follow me to the exit point where I'll drop the backpack with all stuff.


- This service will get you a successful raid completion.
- You will NOT be banned! EVER!
- You will get all the collected stuff from the raid. You wouldn't get trash items.
- If the raid fails, we will start the next raid for free and we will compensate your lab access keycard.
- Raid time can be up to 40 minutes.
- After you are fully looted, I will carry you to extract point. You just will follow me.
- This service is done via the self-play method (NO ACCOUNT SHARE).
- I will carry you if you even have a high ping. You can keep reconnecting. It's not a problem.

From Lab raids you can get these items:
- LEDX Transilluminator - Green Keycard - Black Keycard
- Intelligence - Graphics Card - Bitcoin - VPX - TETRIS
- Virtex - RFIDR - Ophthamolscope - GPcoin - power bank
- Lion - DryFuel - Sugar - INJECTORS - Keys & Best gear & Weapons
and much more stuff with high prices on the flea market.


- You will get maximum profit.
- Our raids are best, we beat all other rage cheaters.
- All closed rooms will be looted.
- We have the best software and most powerful features.
- You will get stuff which total cost of all items more than 4 mil roubles.
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