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Hey I just went and got 2 new stick of 8gb ram 3200
Corsair vengeance ddr4 3200 2x8gb 3200 mhz

I used to have EVGA supersc ddr4 3000mhz

I want to use them both in my PC to give me 32gb total which I can however it runs the memory at 2133 mhz

If I have both different types of ram in my pc and i turn on XMP i cannot get the PC to boot it says overclock failed

Here is what I know for sure

the EVGA with XMP set to ON will set the memory to 3000 mhz it will boot with only the EVGA plugged in

the same is true for the Corsair memory however I MUST set the profile manually to 3200 if I put the XMP profile to enabled it will not boot

Is there a way to underclock the Corsair to 3000 and overclock the evga to 3000?
Any combination of XMP or manually setting the speed to 3066 (it does not allow me to set it to 3000)
potentially the problem?

I have also manually tried to set it slower but it will not boot with this setup

To clarify my motherboard wants me to either turn on XMP *there is only 1 setting on or off
Or my motherboard wants me to manually select from a list a speed ranging from 900ish to 4000ish I dont have the screen up to type this
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